Sunday, January 15, 2006

GREAT book

I just got done reading Birth Without Violence by Leboyer... Wow. I think everyone should read this book. I have heard about it before, but I never read it because I always looked at it and said, "Violence isn't that a really STRONG word to use in reference to birth practices?" And of course I have heard about the Leboyer bath, and all that... But the book really made me think about things from the infant's perspective and think how important every little thing in the first moments in the world can be... And I no longer think violence is a strong word.

It really makes you examine the infant's feelings and struggles in those initial moments of life. It was a real ah-ha moment for me. I sat down to read it in one evening. Of course it is a short book, but I really got into it. I am DEFINATLY doing these things when my baby comes, insha'Allah. Of course DH has already expressed a big fear holding a newborn, "You want me to hold that slippery little thing in the water?" Yeah, way to get into it honey!LOL

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Rockin' Hejabi said...

Yeah, that's a real groundbreaking work, eah?

I had a waterbirth with my second child (with the third it wasn't an option here in Qatar, but my experience here was great in spite of having to be in a hospital), and she is a little fish even at age three! It was a really gentle, peaceful (if birth can be peaceful) birth, and we are so happy we had that experience!