Monday, April 23, 2007

OK, I know I said no more you-tube...

DH saw oiur van at the dealer where it is on consignment the other day and he told me... "It's not even our van! They got that wierd smell out!"


I actualy found myself having this conversation with DH the other day...

EH: I can't believe this. I looked in the mirror today and I said where is all this grey coming from?(Egyptians think grey hair is a sign that your days are numbered).

UL: Well, you went bald early... So maybe the grey is the same thing. (Great, bald and grey!)


UL: *blushing* Well, I mean your hair thinned when you were younger than usual.


UL: *stamering* I mean maybe it's just in your family...


UL: I mean I love you honey!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

I know, I know!!!!

Last you-tube I promise... But this song brought tears to my eyes the first time I heard it on the album and I think if you haven't heard it you should. Pay attention to the quote at the end.

Muslims love thier mothers...

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Why do I feel bad?

My little store has been closed for about three months now because of construction in the store next to me. There are holes in my walls, drywall dust everywhere, no bathroom, no lights in the hall/storage area and I lost about half my square footage. Oh, did I mention my back door doesn't close anymore?

I have been feeling bad for the guy who owns the building and paying full rent anyway. He hasn't offered me one penny of compensation. Grrrrr. Why do I feel bad for people who don't feel bad for me?

So, today I am going with the intention of talking to him about it. I was hoping to draw him out by not paying April... But it hasn't worked. And I HATE these confrontations. I know I will end up caving and saying I understand when he tells me pay up and if you don't like it move... But sheesh. I feel like I deserve some compensation. The construction started with no warning. The guys working there were sleeping on the premises, and eating and smoking... Now, here I am with a hole behind my register, no phone line to run credit cards and lovely enough... No bathroom which means I don't even have any running water to clean all that dust and I will be stuck with a 4yo and no bathroom and my employees will be working an entire shift w/o a bathroom break or closing to go next door to use the restroom.

Well, wish me luck.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Blogger ?

Can you make posts private on blogger? If so how? I have some posts that I can't really have just out there for everyone, but I want some feedback on.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Short Update...

First I want to say THANK YOU SURVIVING! You made my day.

In other news, I have been trying to close up the old house and get it ready to sell... But it is slow going. I have two of the four rooms all cleaned out and ready... DH's room I will never be able to do , that's his thing... So now I have to get the main rooms emptied and clean the kitchen and bathrooms which is hard because DH is still living there! Grrr. Well, it is officially the end of the month and he will have to move his butt here very soon.

We are having a debate over the actual fixing of the house... DH has yet to produce anyone to do the work, so I called my cousin and DH is claiming there are just too many issues with using my cousin. One being cost, another being he thinks I will want to hang out with him. Well, I know I'm American and all... But I think I know better than to hang out alone with a guy even if he is my cousin. But, at the same time I am thinking, "DH, he's my COUSIN and I'm from a culture where the marrying cousins thing doesn't exist..." It seems like this is where I get stuck on everything I try to do. Do X. So, I do X. No, do X that way... And that way always involves more work than I have time, money or energy to do. Dh's typical response... "The shatra(good/skillful) knits with a donkey's leg." Well, maybe I'm not shatra.

Also, we have been having a little run of bad luck... Keep us in your dua, maybe it's all for the best but if one more bad thing happens I will freak out.

Sorry for not posting in so long. Things are crazy here. Insha'Allah I will finish some things I have been writing about evangelical Islam and other thoughts running in my brain these days.