Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Why do I feel bad?

My little store has been closed for about three months now because of construction in the store next to me. There are holes in my walls, drywall dust everywhere, no bathroom, no lights in the hall/storage area and I lost about half my square footage. Oh, did I mention my back door doesn't close anymore?

I have been feeling bad for the guy who owns the building and paying full rent anyway. He hasn't offered me one penny of compensation. Grrrrr. Why do I feel bad for people who don't feel bad for me?

So, today I am going with the intention of talking to him about it. I was hoping to draw him out by not paying April... But it hasn't worked. And I HATE these confrontations. I know I will end up caving and saying I understand when he tells me pay up and if you don't like it move... But sheesh. I feel like I deserve some compensation. The construction started with no warning. The guys working there were sleeping on the premises, and eating and smoking... Now, here I am with a hole behind my register, no phone line to run credit cards and lovely enough... No bathroom which means I don't even have any running water to clean all that dust and I will be stuck with a 4yo and no bathroom and my employees will be working an entire shift w/o a bathroom break or closing to go next door to use the restroom.

Well, wish me luck.

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Surviving said...

That is awful!!! I can't believe they didn't give you any warning/notice that all of this was going to happen and try to make things easier for you. I hope everything goes well with your meeting.