Monday, July 28, 2008

You MUST watch this!!!

So yesterday I woke up to watch the news with DH and we saw Fox (of course) talking about the "radical" Muslim campaign to "recruit" people via subway ads. Naturally, I had to get to the bottom of it. This is what I found, and if you have money to support it I think you should, insha'Allah. It starts during Ramadan, insha'Allah.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Women's work?

Why is it that everything distasteful and difficult ends up as women's work??? Sure the men may come and lug the heavy boxes to storage, but who packs them? The men pay for the grocery's, but who is in charge of every other aspect of food service in the house? They buy the clothes and we wash them, but them away, mend them... And of course whose fault is it when the house in in disarray??? Well, it isn't the husband. Ugh. I think it's hard to say which is worse, working or keeping up with the house. I have my days where I am ready to trade my apron for a business suit... And yet I know that working sisters have it even worse, they have only added to their responsibilities.

I have decided that I have to clear my life of all the things that I have been putting off. Moving the things in our old house to storage... Cleaning it and getting all the repairs done and over with so hopefully it will sell. Also, admitting the fact that I will never re-open my store and moving out of it. And closing any accounts that are associated with it... As I am writing that sounds simple and easy. But it is not. I know I have a miserable week of fighting with DH ahead of me. I know he will say, "Why didn't you do this sooner?" and "Don't throw that away!!!" and the dreaded, "I need this at the house!" As if my tiny apartment isn't already bursting at the seams.

It is an arduous task... But one that no one else will do... Trust me I have been trying for a year to hire for it, convince DH to do it... No luck. It's all me... So here I go. I wish I could say the end is in site, but I know that all this will only deliver me to starting construction on our new property:P

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Are you up to the challenge???

I am taking the novel in a month challenge... And I am looking for partners in crime and/or people to keep me honest about it. The same guy who does NaNoWriMo now has a book and I will be making August my month, insha'Allah.

This is an effort to get back to me. I am at my best when creating, and I have to get myself committed to it so I don't keep just saying tomorrow, tomorrow... I know with all that I have going right now taking on another thing seems slightly insane, but I think that since this a me thing it will actually be good for me. Not to mention that doing this will give me a great sense of accomplishment, insha'Allah.

So, come on!!! If you have thought about doing it, lets make it a little Muslim Bloggers novel in a month thing. And of course if you are interested in helping keep me honest I will give you my e-mail and you can harass me about my word count at will during the entire month of August;) Of course I may need victims readers once I finish too.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Ana Masry

Cool song... And I'm not complaining or anything, but why does a Lebanese person have to say it???? The only thing that would make me love it more is if it was by an Egyptian singer...