Sunday, October 28, 2007

My so called life...

UGH! I looked today and realised that I haven't written in sooooo long. I have been busy with lots of things. Trying to find new vender's for my store, taking my new project before city council, and starting a volunteer position teaching drama at my kids' school. I have been so happy with the teaching, and I hope things are going well with the other two, but you never know.

I have also been going through some personal stuff that I don't think this blog is the place to talk about. I started a new blog and if you know me and don't feel all voyeuristic or think I shouldn't talk about private stuff (which I know has it's issues trust me)... E-mail me and I will give you the address, insha'Allah. Not that it will be private, but I am not just going to link this blog to it because that would defeat the purpose of making it a separate entity. Anywhoo...

I am still working out trying to go to Egypt this year, but as this year draws to a close that becomes less and less likely. I am not as flexible as I once was because of school and all the projects we have in the works.

SOOOO, I am trying to get the house in order. Clean, iron, do laundry, clean out the kitchen and the fridge... I have been just puttering around with the i-pod in one ear all weekend. So, part of my house look more inhabitable... But other parts are still awaiting hurricane ummlayla. Mundane, I know. But I have so much on my mind right now and no time to sit down and type it out!!!

BTW... Anyone know how to find islamic lecture MP3's? I have had little to no success finding anything that I can figure out how to download onto my i-pod. I'm thinking my problem is that what I am finding is streaming audio and so I can only listen but not download... HELP!!!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Happy Eid, can I go to bed now?

I don't know about other women out there, but Ramadan leaves me wiped. The cooking and cleaning for the family, preparing for Eid... I think there should be a week of rest for all caregivers after Eid is over. Are you with me?

Of course I have fasting to make up. Insha'Allah I will start this Thursday and fast Mondays and Thursdays until I make up my days. I have been playing with the idea of committing myself to Mondays and Thursdays all the time, I have a BIL who does that. Considering how much fasting I have missed I would like to do it.

How was Eid for everyone? Pretty ho hum here... But the kids were too happy with their gifts and new clothes to care!LOL Alhamdulilah. DH surprised me with some nice gifts (he gave them to me early since he never can seem to keep a secret!LOL) and that was nice. I must admit to going a little crazy the day before Eid though... Trying to get things ready and do the shopping... DH wanted me to go fishing and I was a little too firm with my no I think, but he took the kids and gave me a chance to prepare their gifts and stuff the pinata without them around. One thing I was hoping to do is a goody basket for our neighbors, but I didn't have time. Next Eid, insha'Allah.

Oh, and the TV isn't coming back. I had said it was a Ramadan thing at first... But now I am thinking about making it permanent (DH is not so happy). Seriously, I got more done and the kids actually played with their toys, did craft projects, read, and played board games that haven't seen the light of day in years. Alhamdulilah. Did I mention all the great books I read? I am finishing up Kite Runner... WOW. Seriously people, go read a book!!! You won't regret it!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Amigurumi Chick

Amigu-what? Well, after seeing a friend make a doll that was just too cool for words I asked for the pattern. They called the style of the doll AMIGURUMI. And like a good internet geek I googled it to find out what it means. Apparently it is a style of doll made by crocheting in spirals and adding felt features leaving you with a slightly anime looking character. Soooo, of course I had to make one! The chick above took me maybe 1 1/2 hours and is the height of my cell phone. Awwww!!! I'm hooked (pardon the pun)!

Go check it out:
Amigurumi Kingdom
Ana's Amigurumi Patterns

Now see the fun things you find yourself doing when you get rid of the TV???? Not to mention that I have read three books thus far... More than I read in the entire before!