Sunday, October 28, 2007

My so called life...

UGH! I looked today and realised that I haven't written in sooooo long. I have been busy with lots of things. Trying to find new vender's for my store, taking my new project before city council, and starting a volunteer position teaching drama at my kids' school. I have been so happy with the teaching, and I hope things are going well with the other two, but you never know.

I have also been going through some personal stuff that I don't think this blog is the place to talk about. I started a new blog and if you know me and don't feel all voyeuristic or think I shouldn't talk about private stuff (which I know has it's issues trust me)... E-mail me and I will give you the address, insha'Allah. Not that it will be private, but I am not just going to link this blog to it because that would defeat the purpose of making it a separate entity. Anywhoo...

I am still working out trying to go to Egypt this year, but as this year draws to a close that becomes less and less likely. I am not as flexible as I once was because of school and all the projects we have in the works.

SOOOO, I am trying to get the house in order. Clean, iron, do laundry, clean out the kitchen and the fridge... I have been just puttering around with the i-pod in one ear all weekend. So, part of my house look more inhabitable... But other parts are still awaiting hurricane ummlayla. Mundane, I know. But I have so much on my mind right now and no time to sit down and type it out!!!

BTW... Anyone know how to find islamic lecture MP3's? I have had little to no success finding anything that I can figure out how to download onto my i-pod. I'm thinking my problem is that what I am finding is streaming audio and so I can only listen but not download... HELP!!!


Ummhana said...

Can't help you on the ipod thing. I haven't caught up with the newest technology. I too am cleaning the house. One part of the house looks perfect the other part is just a mess. Seems reflective of my emotions right now. I truly hope this home cleaning I have undertaken will free up my mind to work on some spiritual cleaning.

Rayhana said...


perhaps you can try

Anonymous said...

assalam alaikum,
enjoy your blog!
if you go to the itunes store, you can download a podcast,
NYU islamic center khutbahs.
i think you might be able to listen or download them from

UmmLayla said...

Thanks anon, I found the NYU thing. And it took me to others. I am trying a few and insha'Allah will have lots to listen too! YEAH!!!!!

cncz said...

salam alaikoum
itunes has a lot of stuff, i have also heard feedburner has stuff
i got most of my stuff (zaid shakir and all that) just doing a search on itunes
if you find anything else let me know
also would like an invite to other blog :)

UmmLayla said...

I ended up finding some stuff on itunes... I was shocked how much was out there. I am just trying out a few to kinda get a feel for what they are like.

I am also a sucker for audio books, and I am trying to find a few Islamic ones.

I will shoot you the info about the other blog, insha'Allah.

alajnabiya said...

Assalaamu 'alaikum,

I don't know anything about how you download things to an iPod, but for tons of Islamic lecture mp3s try Nadeem's Downloads