Wednesday, May 16, 2007


OK, so I have been missing in action lately and I wanted to talk about why.... It seems I have too much going on right now and hardly have time to think let alone get online. But, insha'Allah, things will settle down soon.

The big thing is, my MIL passed away and we have been trying to get ourselves in a state where DH can feel comfortable going to Egypt. There is some debate about all of us going, but it looks like that would cost too much.

The other thing is my store. It has to be moved because the guy who is doing all the work (leaving me w/o finishing my store since February has bought the building and I now have to move the store. UGHHHHHHH No, I don't want to move ANYTHING right now thanks sir!!!!

And for flavor, my washer died 2 weeks ago and I have been doing laundry at a coin operated place spending roughly $30 a week on laundry. GRRRR But DH got me a new washer (which I was in charge of the search for) and it's a front loader! YEAH! And in the same truck load I got a new bed and found it for $470 when here in Wyoming (at the same store mind you) it was $650.

Anyway, things are crazy here. I have been in Denver, Cheyenne or whatever and driving a lot more than usual. And of course on the phone to all sorts of passport people, travel agencies and airlines too... Insha'Allah I will get DH to Egypt and things will settle down a little.

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Stay in peace...the eye of the storm doesn't feel the turmoil. Fly right in the center of it all and survive :)

Oh, and wear your clothes out a little more before you wash them. Don't be so clean! LOL!