Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Courtship vs Marriage

I was just thinking while I was at the store shopping for a special dish for DH about the various reactions to my cooking over the years... When I was a girlfriend (I wasn't always Muslim you know) I heard, "Anything that you blew your breath on is wonderful." Then as a new wife I heard, "You cook food better than a restaurant!!!" Now as a wife of over a decade I hear, "Why are we wasting money at restaurants when you can cook?"

You figure that out! **wink**


Mona said...

Aw, It's always great when you get complimented on your cooking. When my hard work is appreciated, it makes it so much better.

Shawna said...

lol. i have at least one failed meal a week (they don't go on my recipe blog haha), so i'm crazy for those not always obvious compliments.

Shawna said...

oh yeah. once, just after they married, my sister made one of those failed meals, her DH came home, took one bite from the pan, then dumped the whole thing in the trash. she called me mortified. he claims he thought it was leftovers gone bad. poor sis, she'd put a lot of time into it! now he just eats it and tells her how to tweak it next time--and he shows a lot of excitement about her food too lol.