Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Go rent it NOW!!!

I will admit that as DH has accused me of in the past I like to rent things that CAIR hates... Or protests or whatever because I like to form my own ideas about the work. I'm a rebel like that. And the NAME of this movie was disliked by CAIR. They made the argument that it would normalize the insult and more people would feel free to say it. I don't agree with that argument. See, it doesn't matter how much you hear a racial slur... It's still a racial slur. Just pause and think... How many times would you have to say nigger before it would be acceptable vernacular? Yeah, no way. Anyway, I digress.

This movie has some strong sexual content. And some strong messages about the sexuality of young women... But just like the director's other film American Beauty (another must see) it really dissects and lays open for you such a tender time in the main character's life. And wow. I saw it last night and I am still thinking about it today. DH didn't watch it, but I have told him the whole thing!!! So, go watch and just think deep thoughts about it. I know I did.

And so you know, I think she could've been from any minority group and the film would have been the same basically. It just needed a conservative cultural backdrop... So don't think it's all anti-Arab or anything. It's not. It is about racism though... Among other things.


Dani said...

Assalam alaykum, Umm Layla!

I'm sorry for writting inside this post to comment about an older post of you. Can you check your post on kefir where I've written you a question?


UmmLayla said...

Dani, I will respond to you here about the kefir. I don't know about finding it in Egypt... I'm in the states. But maybe a sister in Egypt could give a shout here if they know. I got mine through a mail order place. Kombucha is a mushroom that you grow on top of a tea mixture and it digests the sugar in the tea leaving you with a kinda apple cider vinegar like thing. It's good for overall health. You can google it and find tons of info on it.

Dani said...

Thanks a lot, UmmLayla, for the answer!

I would be happy if someone could tell me how to find kefir in Egypt, how is it cold, etc.

Thanks in advance, and Salam!

Ummmalaak said...

OMG That is not R rated, it's almost X! How is it that something like American Pie is more acceptable than watching this film? I don't think my husband could stomach it, and I do not want to go to bed with this film on my mind. I think partly I have become sensitized over the years as a convert, and partly some of this scenes seem like kiddy porn. Yeck!
That said, it is fairly accurate, on many accounts, of a young girl's reality. Same thing even in a caucasian family, all you need is distracted and distant parents. At school she could be similarly ostracized for being poor, or a geek, or almost anything. Kids are vicious sometimes. I am watching this making dua that I can deal with such matters better than that horrible dad, and my own parents. I think it is very easy to freak out and lay down very strict ultimatums, blanks no's or never's out of fear. This does not work! It makes it worse! Inshallah, a good relationship can be made with your kids, and a way to maintain boundaries and keep morals can be discussed, without coming off as evil. How though? Shoot, how do you even explain morality: shoulds and shouldn'ts to a teen hopped up on hormones? You have to keep close tabs without smothering them.
Ya Rabb!
I hope this has a decent ending!

Racially, I am not sure it bothers me that much. I have no idea who the Lebanese father is based on... Again, could be any overbearing, uncaring father. I can't imagine such a character except out of a VC Andrews book.

Nobody else has any comments on this movie? Or is it too disturbing to discuss?