Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Internet Narcs, here's something new for you...

Anyone who is a veteran internet user has been found by some relative, acquaintance, co-worker, whatever that feels they now have the "dirt" on you. Of course this type of person is not usually motivated by good. They are looking for the things to say about you to your spouse, the community, your employer... And they will stretch and fabricate to suit their purpose. To me they are like a real life internet troll. They have the same goal, to stat a conflict and get attention.

I imagine that it is partly because of this that blogs go private, stay general, and basically avoid inflammatory personal stories most of the time. I'm sure that there are other issues (nasty commenters and internet stalkers) but I think this one hits home for me more than the others. There are a few brave soles that share in spite of this, and whenever I read them I am thinking of what they must go through. You see, nasty commenters are just haters, and they are attacking Islam or whatever aspect of my writing as an idea. Even when they get personal, it's not personal because they don't know me.

The more devious internet troll that I call an internet narc does know me, and is into my business not in the comments section but in real life. This is not just annoying, it's fitna. I for one don't understand it. What can you gain from this? I guess only the sick satisfaction of making sure someone else has problems in their life too.

And in spite of this I am throwing a new bone to the internet trolls out there, a podcast. I have been messing with it, downloading software, setting up hosting... It's called "The Muslimah Next Door". Maybe you've read my ramblings about a book for converts??? A kinda practical guide to Islam? The podcast is a branch from that tree, and of course you might imagine that I love to talk so I'm a natural for podcasting. Hmmm, that sounds arrogant... I just mean I can fill 30 minutes no problem and hopefully a few of them are intelligent and useful!LOL Insha'Allah I will get it all figured out by the end of the week. Look for it on the sidebar. And all you internet narcs, go ahead and dissect if you would like. Repeat things out of context, twist meanings... I'm having so much fun doing it that I just don't care! **insert evil laugh here**


Muslim Hippie said...

Brilliant. I can't wait. I was just thinking to myself while noticing a new blog post here: " me and the egyptians wife should be friends. I mean she even uses my Fav. quote in her conversations with her Egyptian husband. Maybe I should throw in the idea of her moving her whole family to Chicago. Maybe she'll realize how cool I am and she'll actually do it..."

You won't only get internet narcs... trolls and what-have-you...

You have yourself an internet stalker.

A podcast just might work for me. No complications!

** Insert an even louder evil laugh her**

Eid Mubarak to you and yours!

UmmLayla said...

Muslim Hippie, You are too funny as usual. My comp was acting up and I can't reply on blogger via my blackberry for some reason... But what I was going to say is, if you can convince DH to move I'm game!LOL That man has dropped his anchor here for some reason!LOL Maybe he's a secretly a sadist and just enjoys the self-torture of living here???

I hope to have the podcast up in the next few days, Eid has me sidetracked. But I did make kahk and my DH confirmed its authenticity. Considering that I have tried about 20 times before and failed, this is a big deal!LOL

Hey are you on Twitter or Facebook? E-mail me

Muslim Hippie said...

Quickly:: My computer is also busted and is in the process of getting fixed. I am currently using my DH's laptop. I'll email as soon as I can.

I can't believe you made Kahk, you're my hero! ( between-you-and-me-and-the-rest-of-the world for that matter-- I was never a big fan of kahk. Shhhhh, it's a secret. My Egyptionality is at stake here!)

I'll email as soon as I can with my face book info.


Anonymous said...

Okay...just read a comment on your twitter made by your DH about "looking at other women". What is wrong with that guy? How do you live with that?

Anonymous said...

Yes we all have those people who find us out on the blog world. I have went back and forth with making my blog private because it just bothers me that I can't control who comes in and out of my blog life.

You get all those nuts too.


SurvivorsAreUs said...


Assalaamu Alaikum!

Where is your pod cast?
I can't find it ;(

Do you want to exchange links with me in'sha Allah? I am at and

Hope to hear back from you soon, in'shaa Allah.

Halimah bint David

SurvivorsAreUs said...

p.s. Thanks for the funny post, lol.