Thursday, June 01, 2006

I can't I can't I can't stand losing

So, in the middle of the changes that are going on in our life... It looks like DH might lose the contract that makes his business possible. Meaning the paper that controls everything is threatening to pull his distributorship. UGH. Not good timing.
Please keep him in your dua. He is now faced with considering all the other jobs that we have been talking about (his degrees are in EE) and leaning towards something in the oil industry. Insha'Allah that will be the direction he heads in. I would love to see him doing something he could feel great about, and the oil industry is that for him. If he gets a job like that it will truly be a blessing that he lost the distributorship.

The flip side is a man who is on the verge of losing his job is not in the mood to deal with other complications in life... And we are heading towards a time full of them with this new house and what we are planning for it. Allah give us patience.

Now in the immediate future... DH has invited my SIL for the weekend. Now, I try to refrain from just complaining about my somewhat crazy SIL... But why did he invite her when I am so close to having the baby? Sheesh. And you can guess from all I just said that I am in no position to tell him no or call the thought of having someone there 24 hours a day when I could go into labor at any time crazy. But seriously... I am a little upset about it. OHHHHHHHHH, can't I just say NO? Can't DH ask first?


amygdala said...

just say no!!!! ask if it can be rearranged for a few weeks' time when she can make herself useful doing the washing up.

cncz said...

my in-laws' family rule that if visitors come when someone is sick or pregnant or working 40 hours a week, their visit involves cooking and cleaning and grocery shopping and helping kids with homework etc. Which is why I love my MIL, I couldn't have made it through last Ramadan without her, macha Allah. Can you lay it down that way with your SIL? Does she expect you like to cook and stuff?
When my SIL was pregnant everyone was at her house. But they were cooking and cleaning.

Mama Muslimah Baby Muslimah said...

Assalamu alaikum...I can totally understand you being upset about your SIL coming over when you´re "very" pregnant...maybe your husband just thought you might like to have the company of another woman and didn´t really think about whether you wanted company at all....Allahu alim. Fi aman Allah.

mamaspeak said...

Does this long pause indicate that The Egyptian Baby has made his/her appearance? I hope the birth went as you wished and that the breastfeeding and babymoon are off to a great start mashallah :)