Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Any day now....

So I have headed into that time where I start to wish I never told anyone my due date... I am ready to have this baby, and I am finding it harder to wait. And, everyone is calling me asking if I had the baby yet. No, still waiting.

I did go over with DS #1... So I have tried to prepare myself for the possibility... But I am getting antsy. I was just saying to DH last night that I have the feeling this baby is going to hang out a little longer. I guess only time will tell. The thing that is bugging me the most... The feeling like every time I leave the store I have to be ready for the possibility that I might not be back for a week or two. And I have the same feeling about the house. If I knew when it would happen I could get things ready and in order for that date; but right now I just try to keep things in order and keep the laundry done and DH's work clothes ready so I am ready if it happens tonight. It's a little overwhelming. And I prepare big batches of food only for DH to eat them and then I feel I have to fill the fridge again "just in case".

In some strange way I feel like since I am getting worn down and tired I will be less ready than I would be if I had the baby now. Every day I look at the things I have to do and I just can't drag myself to do them. I am more tired and less able to keep up every day it seems. Well, alhamdulilah, maybe the waiting will give me a chance to get over this chest cold I have.


Romerican said...

Seems like people always call when the due date gets near. I have an idea, though... tell 'em to check your blog for updates!

UmSuhayb b David said...

my first 3 babes were all early according to dates according to menstrual cycle. Now I'm living in Sweden they use scans to determine the due date and it was worked out to be a week later. Anyhow I still looked to the first method as pretty reliable and when that came and went it was a whole new experience for me to be 'overdue'. Yes,I didnt want to phone anyone as they'd be thinking I was going to tell them I was in labour/ had had the baby. It does feel like a life in limbo, my eldest son needed to go to the dentist with toothache that last weekof the pregnancy but alhamdulillah my DH could take time off to take him so I didnt have to worry about anything happening in the dentists surgery ! Actually the majority of labours start off pretty gradually but as my first labour began with a 'pop' i.e. the waters suddenly breaking (I was at home Alhamduliilah) i'm always a bit wary. Apparently if it happens in Mothercare ( a well known babycare shop in the UK) you can win free nappies for a year or something like that. Still I tend to become a hermit in those final weeks ! As it turned out my daughter was borns 3 days early according to the Swedish way, which just about a month ago today !ps word verification looks like hijab if u look quickly !, InshAllah the labour will be easy for u

Mona Um Ibrahim said...

May Allah make your labor and delivery easy on you and bless you with a healthy baby inshaAllah.