Thursday, May 11, 2006

Must get ready....

Must get ready for new baby. Must get house in order. Must get baby stuff cleaned. Must make sure I have any newborn stuff left at all. UGH!!!!!!!!!

OK, all I really need is the sling and the Moses basket along with the new diapers and covers... Plus a few sack gowns... But I just don't feel ready. Last night I had a dream that my labor stalled because I kept thinking off all the things I needed to do before I gave birth. Crazy? No way. I think mental readiness plays a big part in birth.

So, I will be breaking into the storage locker this afternoon (they accidentally put an extra lock on it and want me to go get the key from them to get it off, but I will probably just cut it) and retrieving the Moses basket and any and all boxes that say newborn. But, like I say I think I gave it all away or sold it at the store... As Yousuf and Layla grew out of things I just got rid of them... And I gave away all the girl things once I had a boy... Well, what would I want with newborn stuff that had seen three kids and 6 years by now anyway? Not to mention half of it was very very second hand in the first place.

Now the question is do I save stuff for the new baby starting now? What I mean is it worth saving considering that it will be 4-6 years before he/she grows into what the older sibling grew out of? Any experience with this? I save from Aly to Yousuf, but that is only like a year. Hmmmm.

OK, enough boring baby stuff for now. I feel like the countdown has begun though... You know that stage where getting ready for the birth occupies your entire brain? Yeah, I'm there.


Surviving said...

I definately understand how you are feeling. I went through the baby clothes a few weeks ago. I have plenty of preemie clothes. So if I have another preemie I'm okay on clothes for a little while. However, if this one isn't early I don't have anything.

As for saving clothes- my oldest is 3 1/2 years older then my youngest and will be almost 6 years older then this one. I saved most of the baby and toddler clothes my oldest used. My youngest used some of the baby clothes, the rest was left for my husband's nephews in Yemen. I do have some of the toddler clothes saved for future use. However my oldest is so hard on clothes now, all his pants end up with holes in the knees. I will probably just get rid of the pants. Sometimes I use his old shirts for my youngest to sleep in.

camilla said...

Pray alot even if you are just sitting down and resting. It will calm you and prepare you for the delivery. Hope everything goes well with you. Inshallah. Take care sis.

Anonymous said...

Asalaamu Alaikum

I have 8 kids and I save everything that is in good saves hundreds of dollars! I keep the clothes in big rubbermaid containers. An example of how helpful it 6 year old is now wearing the gymnastics outfit my 14 yr old used to wear. My 9 year old is wearing the kung-fu outfit my 14 yr old used to wear and she is wearing the kung-fu outfit her 18 yr old sister used to wear. Why buy everything all over again? Its such a waste of money and its not that hard to just store it away.