Monday, May 15, 2006

Girls and Modesty

Teaching DD modesty is important to me. I don't think you can just spring it on them when they are 12yo and expect them to understand. My goal is to slowly keep building the idea and the habits of dress so that once she is old enough to wear hijab all she will have to add is the scarf. Sooooo, here we are again this year with shorts being on the forefront of every clothing conversation we have... And to add to the trouble you can't just go shopping and let her choose things from the racks because 99.9% is not appropriate! It's like taking gluten free DS to a bakery... I just try to avoid it.

The funny thing is boys have more options in the modest dress arena than girls!
I can find things for the boys no trouble. Heck, if I wanted them to follow the no legs and no tight things guidelines that I have Layla following I would have no problem at all. I get all the bermudas and loose cotton button down shirts I need, usually on sale!LOL

When did this hoochie mama thing reach clear down into the smaller sizes? And when did it become so pervasive? I ask it this year, and I am sure again next year too. Looks like I will be trekking to the Hanna Anderson outlet and also making some things for her again this year. Alhamdulilah I have some great sewing stuff!


Surviving said...

I didn't grow up muslim but my mother was very picky about what we could wear. The shorts and skirts had to reach our knees and we couldn't wear sleeveless shirts. Our clothes had to fit properly, no tight clothing at our house. It certainly made it easier to adjust to wearing even more conversative clothes.

camilla said...

yes I agree with surviving. I wasn't allowed to wear skirts,shorts or tight clothing at home...I was brought up in that way...and wearing a hijab was my own choice. It came naturally to me and my sisters.

Mona Um Ibrahim said...

where do you shop for the boys? i have trouble finding boys clothes on sale. i have trouble finding girls clothes in the summer so you have to try to stock up in the fall and winter for the long sleeves/long pants.

Umm Mai said...

As-salaam alaikum,
Have you tried thrift stores? I have a better time shopping there for appropriate clothing than I do at a regular store.

SUHAA said...

you are too funny..but so right. 99.9% of the clothes for young girls are made for hoochie mamas. but i learned my lesson last year. i have a 6 yr. old & 5 yr. old daughter and couldnt find more than a pair of bermuda shorts because i went out too late to look for them (late spring) everything was made for a hoochie! so they shared that pair, and the rest of they had were capris. this year i went to target and found a few of the knee length shorts (espcially for my 5 yr old) and alhamdulilah i think they will be fine throughout the summer. Target had nice ones good prices too alhamdulilah.
i bet if i were to go their looking again, it would be much more difficult since we are approaching june. and the we dont do tank tops on them here i am having to explain why some moms at Mercy's school had them on just yesterday..subhanAllah