Monday, May 22, 2006

Madesh Habibi

Every time I tell my DH I can't sleep or complain of some other pregnancy related thing he tells me, "Madesh habibi, a few more days." Don't say that honey! I feel like a mad woman running around freaking out about things that need to be done before the baby comes. Yah Allah I need a normal delivery this time. I can't be down for the 1-2 weeks with a c-section. There is just too much going on with us, and DH is never home with his second job (did I mention DH took a second job?).

I am trying to catch up on things I have been putting off, but I am tired and have to take frequent breaks... I finally took the clothes I never wear and donated them, then stored things I won't wear while BFing. And all the baby stuff is in order aside from a shipment of diapers that should be here any day, insha'Allah. The real problem is with 5 people in the house you are never "finished". I can never stand in my living room and say, alhamdulilah, then sit back and enjoy a clean house for a few days.

We are moving, insha'Allah, in August or so depending on some work we are having done to our new place... And I am making one entire room a family closet. Insha'Allah this will help me because no more lugging laundry to rooms, no more putting off folding and hanging because someone is asleep, and now I can get dressed even if DH is asleep in our room, yeah! Now dedicating an entire room as a closet may seem extreme... But keep in mind that there will be 6 of us, insha'Allah. That's a lot of clothes. And everyone has a dresser, so that's eating lots of space from the bedrooms. Not to mention DH's dresser in the living room since he needs to get his clothes at hours when the rest of us are asleep. As much as I hate moving, I am looking forward to the things we are doing in the new place. I can't wait to have two kids rooms and an office for DH... And the closet thing... That is assuming all those things actually work out like I planned!LOL I just hope that once we move I can get things in order and finally convince DH to go though his papers... It should've been done years ago!LOL


Surviving said...

Husbands just need to learn that sometimes they need to listen. They have no idea how it is to be pregnant and still be expected to deal with all the everyday stuff.

I hope all goes well with the move. I think having one room for everyones clothes is a good idea, especially if you have people on different time schedules.

cncz said...

salam alaikoum
i actually think having a closet room is a really good idea!

Um Ibrahim said...

Actually, he's saying "Ma'laysh Habibtee" :) which means it's ok my love. When i'm overwhelmed i wish my husband would tell me that everything will be ok. But i understand what you're saying - he's overusing it and basically ignoring what you're saying.

But that idea about a whole room for clothes - that is brilliant! Congrats on finding a new place, may Allah make the move easy on you inshaAllah.

UmmLayla said...

Glad to hear that no one thinks the clothes room is too out there!

Umm Ibrahim, Thanks for a better spelling... I just know how things sound to me, which is probably not always acurate!LOL And of course I'm not arguing the meaning, but the fact that it's a put off like you say;) Once in a great while said sincerly it would be nice;)

UmSuhayb b David said...

i reaally relate to what youre going through, i just had my 4th baby and DH was saying its nearly over in the last stages of labour, i just really wanted to hear him say 'you can do it' and 'it IS over '!
We have a space shortage too having just the 2 bedrooms, but my DH is often away with work so doesn't sense the claustophobia as much.
Also have been trying to clear out the excess stuff from the flat for months but being pregnant and not so good with it means its usually a low priority. inshallah all these small tests increase our sabr!