Thursday, July 06, 2006

You know your husband is Egyptian when...

Someone found me with that search, I just had to make a post of it!

You know your husband is Egyptian when...

he insists that if you don't wear slippers in the house you will catch cold.

you find yourself cooking fatah and stuffed grape leaves when you are happy with him.

you can't tell if he's yelling because he's mad or just yelling when he's talking to his family on the phone.

you think "insha'Allah" means "if I can."

the biggest threat he makes to the kids is "the slipper".

he has stories of his own parents and "the slipper".

every story from his youth involves someone named Mohammad.

he never eats fish when he has a cold.

he drinks tea upon waking, when getting ready, when working... Well, he just drinks lots of tea.

your closet contains a box of things from Egypt to use when you need a last minute gift for someone.

you have at least one cartouche in your jewelry collection.

he has a great sense of humor.

everyone says "I have always wanted to go there!" when you tell them where he is from.

he gets steamed up when all the American depictions of Egypt are the guys in Giza or upper Egypt wearing jilbab.

he never says Alexandria, always Alex.

you wear hegab in the masgid... not hijab in the masjid.

it isn't a meal if you don't offer your guest as much food and variety as the average American gets in a week.

almost everything you cook has cumin, coriander, onions, garlic, and bell pepper.

you have mastered the art of filo dough.

not only do you buy eggplant, you make more than one dish with it.

you know who Amr Diab is, and you actually have at least one CD.

you are truly loved by a man with a heart as big as the ocean;)


Mona UmIbrahim said...

LOL. i have never heard of the 'not eathing fish when you have a cold' thing.

UmmLayla said...

hmmm, maybe the fish is an egyptian's I know thing...

UmmLayla said...

Maybe the fish one should be replaced with one about foul...

not having foul in the house during Ramadan is a major emergency.

Anonymous said...


I know the fish thing. Also, he says not to eat fish and milk products in the same meal or you get sick to your stomach.

And I made the stuffed grape leaves this week. I'm in love.

I've linked you on my site, by the way.

UmmLayla said...

HA, you are on my list of links to add... I am always behind on that. Thanks for the link love girl;)

And thanks for confirming the fish thing. Yeah, DH has a no fish and milk thing too.

SUHAA said...

i LOVE this post! my parents are egyptian, and i am married to one (so im an american egyptian..u know born and raised here un the US) and all those points are SO TRUE!
there should be something on the list about if someone starts sneezing that is an automatic sign of illness ..and the AC needs to be turned down! and also the one you added about foul in one i support for the list!

Layla said...

UmmLayla - Love that post!! Esp the "Alex" one. I started to do that as well and really never realized it. I think I am becoming more Egyptian lol.

Insha'Allah all is well with you and the kids.

Take care and lots of hugs!!

rahma said...

Hi, I read your blog on occasion but haven't commented before.

As another wife of an Egyptian, we read through the list and laughed and laughed.

I had always thought that these were individual quirks of my husband, especially the fish and slippers.

I'll add another one - when someone asks where he's from, he launches into full tour agent mode and doesn't stop until they promise to visit Egypt at some point in their life.

Romerican said...

It's funny to see how "the slipper" is used in the same way Americans refer to "the belt."

Safa said...

This is hilarious....since I'm married to an egyptian and living in Egypt....I've heard all about these things...ALL the time.....I may borrow ur list on my BLOG....hope you don't mind.....

Anonymous said...

Mashaa Allah, I accidentally ran into this site and I am so happy with it, since I am Egyptian Muslimah, married to an Egyptian of course and living in Egypt.
Most of the list is true and accounts for Egyptian traditions :))
I am very glad to have met u all and home that I can communicate with u oftenly.
Hang in to ur Islam in ur rough society and may I meet u all in Jannah.

Anonymous said...

Im married to an egyptian who grew up partly in egypt but he doesnt match these things all the way. he's pretty regular. food doesnt have to be multiple course meal. etc etc.

Keeley said...

Fish and slippers and food, oh my!

More than once have my lighter summer fare meals been met with a "That was a nice start, what's next?"

And just last night, I met him outside, barefoot, and was informed I would catch cold. It was 103 degrees here yesterday, and was still in the upper 80's at the point.

But I do love my 3 foot long Egyptian Loofah.

Molly said...

shib shib!!!!!!

I threaten my own husband with the shibshib lol.
And the Alex thing is so true. Gah, this poast actually made me all misty-eyed.
I miss Egypt.

elmoira22 said...

Its so real!!! I feel my egyptian hubby is 99% like that. I had a good laugh with that list.

Even im spanish i also had the slipper thread

On the other hand im sure i will never match any of "you know your wife is spanish when..." list. LOL

Mabrouk for your blog, its sensible and intelligent even we havent got many of the "american" situations here in Spain

Anonymous said...

I LOVE THIS and yes can relate to most of it - including the heart as big as an ocean - for yes I too am married (happily!) to an Egyptian man.

Alexandria said...

Hello from Germany!
I have written a book about my Egyptian husband (and 14 other families). It was published in Germany but now it is translated and can be bought in (also in UK, Germany, France, Canada)
And I must say, that many things which are told in this blog are so true..
But all the women in my book managed to live a happy life!
So here is for you all...

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Sadia said...

I so want to mary an Egyptian man, not to mention they are generally tall and very handsome! I recently visited Egypt and I am a muslim. But how will one Egyptian brother find me and propose?

Anonymous said...

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AmRa said...


This is so authentic, LOL, now I am more in love with my Egyptian boy friend.
Oh my God, I do not like eggplants and he still does not understand HOW?! and WHY?! somebody doesn't eat eggplants :)))

One more thing,
recently I learned about a book, released in Germany (August, 2009) by Annelies Ismail and Mona Gabriel: "My Husband Is Egyptian" and I would like to read it, but in my country is not available yet.
If anyone of you readers over there has read it ... please share your impressions ...

Anonymous said...

Hi Amra!
I received your comment from the blog. I am Annelies Ismail and I wrote the book with my daughter Mona Gabriel. The book is available in, Amazon (UK, Canada, Germany, France, even in India). If you Google my name, it will show up.
Where are you?
Let me know if you can get it and if you read it, give me your impressions.
Good luck with your Egyptian boyfriend!
I am married to my Egyptian since 45 years.
Best regards

Annelies Ismail

AmRa said...


I can not believe that Annelies Ismail, her self, replied on my comment :)) I am very excited.
I live in (Sarajevo) Bosnia and Herzegovina and here unfortunately the book is not available yet.
I know about, your biography :) co-author, and I read every comment about the book I could have found on Internet. The more I read comments and impressions about it, the more I want to read it my self.
I found one book shop in Cairo where this book is available but still have to check if they have an English edition.
Thank you Annelies :)

Hope to meet u one day.

Thank you UmmLayla for giving this opportunity and letting share our thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Hi Amra,
I read your comment. The book os available in Cairo, Maadi
Adams Bookshop, Grand Mall (in English).
My question is: when your in Sarajewo how would you get the book from Cairo?
I hope you can get the book..
I am working on a second book with younger women (same subject)
Annelies Ismail

AmRa said...

Hello Annelies again :)

I just got an email from Adam's book shop with information about the price and they also confirmed that English edition is available.
Yeah I am in Sarajevo, my BF is in Cairo. He is about to come in summer. Either he will bring it or send it by mail :))


Asiya said...

hehehe! Yea the yelling one is so true about my husband haha... Its surprising to know he is actually talking normally.About being halarious a few nights in bed with the lights off he asks, "wheres my leg" and sincerely! haha, I swear we couldnt stop laughing. Hopefully he doesnt lose it again. hehe... 2 of his best friends are named mohamed and he worries so much about me beng sick such a big heart. But you should add if this is also relevant to you when he tries to explain something, he puts his hand up, and brings his fingers to his thumbs and shakes back and fourth 2 times, with the cutest look on his face lol..

Sherril said...

Hi Everyone, I am Irish and my wonderful husband (we married just 3 years ago) is Egyptian. We live in a love haze in venice, Italy. We are sooooo happy and in love. I especially relate to 'he insists that if you don't wear slippers in the house you will catch cold' and a million other health and well being points of advice from him. In fact he asked me my slipper size to buy me a special pair for his apartment when I first came back to Venice from Ireland to stay with him for the first time. He asked me to marry him before we had even kissed for the first time. He had already met my wonderful father who loved him too but has sadly died since. I always say when I married Mohamed Soliman I got a husband, a wife, a mother and a father. As I had just lost my mother and father, I thank God every day for having found him. Nothing can ever replace him. I hope and pray that he will be with me for many years to come even though he is 20 yaers older than me. Egyptian people are simply wonderful. Anyone woman who marries an Egyptian man is very very lucky indeed. Lots of love...Sherril xxx

Anonymous said...

hi, ohh God the list is soooooo true!!! im also from bosnia my husband is egyptian as well. selam imenjakinjo...

Meryem said...

Assalaam :)
I just came across this blogg, and boy did i enjoy it =)
I was actually planning to make a video to my egyptian fiance, with love and care, and when i typed "my husband.." on google, i go up "My egyptian husband". This made me so curious that i clicked the link and it is how i got to know about Annelies Ismail. You book seems soo amazing =)
I am also from Bosnia but i grew up in Denmark. My fiance is from Cairo, and we are planning a wedding soon inshAllah. I am moving down there, if Allah swt permits it.
Anyhow, i will check if you book is to be borrowed in the swedish library (since i live in sweden now), and i can't wait to read it :)

As for this blog, i was so amused. I don't really know what it's like being in egypt or having to do with egyptians. Well except of my fiancee who is so dear mashAllah, kind, carrying and lovely.

I just finished highschool and im planning on studdying in Egypt insh.
Does anyone know how it is? I baerly know arabic, so it shud be my fist step. =)
much love// Meryem

Anonymous said...

Hello Meryem!
How and where did you meet your husband?
I am Annelies Ismail and at the moment I am writing a new book about younger couples like you. I would like to contact you,maybe your story could be in my second book!
from Annelies

goats_N_slipknot_rule15710 said...

I Am Totally In Love With An Egyptian Man...Hes In Egypt And Im In The US...Hes Having Trouble Getting Here!! :( This Made Me Cry...Its Soo True...The Last Thing On the List Made Me Tear Up! Ive Never Known Anyone That Loves Like He Does!

Jennifer said...

This is sooo sweet! I am a 32 year old American woman with a 30 year old Egyptian fiance. We will marry in July, and I am so excited to start our life together! He has the sweetest heart. I will have to remember some of these "tips" in dealing with him, especially the food.... I have seen some of these traits in him already, especially insh' I am looking forward to all his little "quirks" in my daily life.

Anonymous said...

reading this blog has made me both laugh and cry
I am so happy to have found a positive link regarding egyptian men and american (foreign) women.
I have been talking to an egyptian man for almost 2 years now and although he was not a good one from the start (I caught him in a few lies and actually deleted him a couple of times) he has changed greatly and has taken up a big spot in my heart
I have done alot of searching online to get information about relationships of this nature and everything I had come across had been negative ... men who only wanted green cards, didnt work, were abusive and controlling etc... he does not seem like this at all but I couldnt get the fear that I was going to regret it if I committed to him out of my mind from all that I had read ... reading your blogs and the comments made has helped me get back to thinking of what is important between us and to see that there is hope of our relationship lasting a life time as long as we both keep doing as we are now and respect each others values and opinions and appreciate each other for what ever sacrifices we will have to make so we can be together

Anonymous said...

sooo true every single comment. thank you for posting.

Choctawprincess said...

I love this post!! and I was laughing so much. I am engaged to a handsome egyptian man in Cairo. We plan to wed. On December 3rd,2011. He has filled me in on the eating large amounts and has also let me know if i don't eat his mom will think i don't like her food. I can not wait December to get here..Thanks for the post, It brought a smile to my face and anticipation to finally be with the love of my life. :)

Annelies said...

My Egyptian husband and I have been married since 46 years. We are now retired and live in Alexandria, Egypt after many years of working together in Germany, USA and France.
I have written a book about our story and about 14 other couples like us. The book was published in Germany first and has been translated into English and Arabic. "My Husband is Egyptian" is available in all the Internet shops and in Egypt at Adam Bookshop in Cairo, Maadi. The Arabic book (Saugi ragel Masri) is also available there and in Eygaptian Bookshops.
The book is in contrast to the many horror stories about multicultural marriages.
I am writing a new book now about young couples who met in the tourist places. The situation has changed a lot since 1964 (when I met my husband).
However there are still many relationships like ours where people live a happy life. I want to encourage couples like us and to show that with love and tolerance we can overcome obstacles together!
I would love to hear your comments!

Ellie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ellie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ellie said...

UmmLayla, God bless you for creating this site - I love it! xx

Anonymous said...

Thank you Ellie for your comment. That is so nice for me!
I hope to have my book finished by the end of the year.
Good luck to you and your husband!

Ellie said...

I'll look forward to it - can't wait.

My husband and I are very happy so far and I love Alexandria - we visit a few times a year. I firmly believe love, positive thinking and compromise is the key to success. So glad to hear of couples like you and your husband who have made a happy marriage last a lifetime.

To all other girls who are scared of the future with their Egyptian - read Annelies' book and have faith! Oh, and take every horror story with a pinch of salt, especially with this skewed political climate. As long as both parties love and compromise, everything is possible. Write your own rules.

Love and happiness to all, God willing, insha Allah xx

Annelies said...

Thank you Ellie and I wish you the best!
All women with Egyptian husband:
it is in your hands to make it work (I mean husband an wife!)

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone, I am Russian- American married an Egyptian and I can say all the list is about him:) LOL Thanks for this post, I couldn't stop laughing.

Anonymous said...

Salam everyone. i have been emarried to my egyptian husband for almost a year. he is my heart and has truely shown me to lovs e whole-heartedly. at first i had a hard time getting used to who he was being he and i are from to different worlds and at times i wanted to quit loving him but i held on to him and i am grateful for allah bringing us together.

Ellie said...

Ah, that's lovely! Glad to hear there are more of us out there. Any marriage plans? We've been married for a couple of years now and it is bliss, genuinely. If you can both compromise, understand each other (even when you don't agree), sometimes let things go, and above all else, love each other for who you are (including your differences), well, it can be the most wonderful union you could wish for. I wouldn't change a thing. And a baby on the way now - thanks be to God! xxx

Anonymous said...

Lol, I'm Egyptain and it's true, becuase it makes you cold worse...

EgyptAnnelies said...

What do you mean with that comment? Anonymous? Dioes anyone understand what he means?

Read my book And find out about these marriages..
There are good and bad people in all countries, all religions.

EgyptAnnelies said...

Annelies Ismail "My Husband is Egyptian" on Amazon or in bookstores

EgyptAnnelies said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Wow, are you sure you married an Egyptian? I was married to one and he was nothing like this!
If you didnt wear slippers in the were not allowed in the house.
If you didnt eat garlic, green peppers and cumin, you didn't eat at all.
If you didn't like his other 3 wives...leave then he can get a new one.
If you didnt like his sense of humor that belittled and scorned you....get over it..."It's the egyptian way".
If you didnt wash your hands for at least(no kiddin) 30 minutes before didnt eat.
The list goes on and on. but it's nothing like yours. Im truly happy for you.

Anonymous said...

I wish my true love story had ended up the same way some of yours has. But sadly, it has not! Anything but! I met the love of my life via the internet and fell instantly in love with him although I didnt realize that I had until later. We talked for 3 years before we were finally able to meet. We talked about everything, Egyptian men are so much better at communicating than some. We laughed, we cried, we dreamed together. I visited Egypt many times to see him, but he never allowed me to meet his family. I made excuses. We went to Cyprus to marry. No wedding, just a judge :( He would not wear his ring and was afraid someone would know he was married. Said he would lose his job if they knew. I believed and made excuses. I paid for his Visa, his plane fair, his immigration lawyer, the trip to Cyprus, many trips to the red sea and the medditerainean, all total about: $15,000!!!!!!! He gets here to USA and everything is wonderful....for 3 months. Then he goes insane accusing me of cheating because I was at work for an extra 10 minutes...lierally! I loved (love) my husband so so so much and he is the only man I see(even though we are seperated now for 1 year). I almost worshipped the ground he walked on. He was my whole life. But he went from yelling at me to hitting me, breaking my arm, choking me, pulling my hair out(literally), he would work part-time....and keep all the money and send it to his sister back in egypt because she was getting married and needed it!!!! I supported us. He cost me about $5,000 in damages, my glasses(4 pair) my laptop, my appliances(cut the cords off), family heirlooms(priceless and can never be replaced), cam corders, cameras, phones, etc. But when he had an anger fit it was always my things that were "handy" to throw or break on purpose. When he was loving, he was truly amazing! But my fairytale beginning with him became a living HELL! He was finally arressed for domestic violence when a neighbors started turning him in. he threatened to cut me up in little pieces and bury me out in the woods, hang me from a post by the road so people could see how horrible an american woman is. I could go on and on but no need. I see now the lies and many many red flags i chose to ignore because he had a great sense of humor, was handsome and a charmer. God have mercy on his soul! I still pray for him everyday though. He is tortured in his mind and only God can heal him.

Anonymous said...

Egyptian men are true men,not sissy western bugs

Obey the orders and Be servant for your egyptian husband or u will find him Terrible LION :D

Anonymous said...

Lots of terrible husbands of every nationality, just like lots of wonderful ones I guess. I would imagine, given the population is over 80 million, you would be bound to find a few bad Egyptians. I firmly believe the majority are decent and kind, but can only judge by my own experiences. In the end, your sense of judgement must apply whoever you meet, wherever they are from. So if someone is secretive, disrespectful, aggressive, etc, why are you with them? Self worth should come before any relationship - not love at any cost. You should love and settle with a person because of how they treat you and make you feel about yourself.

Anonymous said...

i absolutely love this post. i met my egyptian guy in facebook and then through skype. i am from Central America living in the US as an international student. Ahmed Hamed is the guy i will and dream to marry. about 7 months ago we met and since we fell inlove with each other and we are crazy about each other i love him soo much i cannot wait any second more to meet him. i am finishing my ladt year of high school and i hope i can go to egypt and study there so that i can be with him. he is respectful, honorable, funny, and smart just the most amazing men i have ever met. i hate that we are so far from each other. i am ready to spend my life with him and be his wife. if someone can kindly help me please and share more about egyptian culture and egyptian fiance that would be amazing. my egyptian guy is from Assiut Egypt and works in Dubai. goodness i cannot wait to be with him i love him soo much

Anonymous said...

My husband does the same thing with the yelling...I'm American and we are living in America right now (I lived in Egypt with him for 2 years). My sister heard him on the phone with his brother and thought he was really yelling at somebody lol!!!

Anonymous said...

You pretty much nailed it LOL And I have to say I've never been happier. IE small town american girl with small town egyptipan man.

Jenn~ Kentucky

Anonymous said...

I am a young Egyptian Canadian (I come from a christian family) and I almost died of laughter reading this post because almost all these things are typical of my father.

Anonymous said...

WOW....I can not believe the way some women are manipulated by men. God protect the innocent women that have no idea of the culture or reasons for the "love affair" they claim to have. God help us all.

EgyptAnnelies said...

This Blog Is almost Five years old and i Have posted here many times. I still Live with my Egyptian husband (now married since 50 years). We live in Luxor now and here are so many mixed marriages. Most of them are not happy. The European Or American wife supports her husband and his egyptian family too(wife and children etc.) many of the women spend lots of money and some end up with nothing left..
Please be aware of these things and dont believe everything ..
You find my books on Amazon:

Malak april said...

I laughed so very hard - my husband does/says all of it. You should have seen the look on my daughters faces when he sat them down to a serious talk. It was about how it is dangerous to shower " if they have their red days". They refer to cairo as Egypt and the rest of the world as Europe. Thinks the air conditioner is the cause of almost any illness. They believe that only women can be virgins not men �� really there is so much a person could write a book!

Crystalfalone Mendoza said...

Assalam! I've my Egyptian fiancé and we took 8 months in relationship, he promise me a lot and I trust to all those promises. Because he is a pharmacist and I'm a nurse in the same hospital I got chance to take care of him in a way that I cook for him prepare his dinner and prepare coffee in the morning and send to him in the pharmacy. I tried to be the best as I am, even to wash his internal clothes I did it, I always make sure that he will feel good in any way. We dream together and build our plans, even we have many differences in view of life but I always agree to his side. The problem is it is hard for him to listen specially when are encounter problem, it's hard for him to accept his mistakes. We are very happy on those past months and we just waiting our paper to finish and get married. But 5 days ago he got fight with her sister because one of his sister not favored to our relationship and the problem before more big till he decided to finish our engagement. I can't believe that in just a seconds he decided to made this decision. It hurts a lot, so painful. I imagine that everything we have and we build finish in just a minute.i didn't do anything wrong but he think that if he continue our relationship he will lost his family. That what in his mind.i don't know after his decision it still right to fight for our love to our relationship and try to save it.

Anonymous said...

Hi girl's am from Bosnia to ,y fiancee is from Egypt, I try to understand his cloture , it's hard .. sometime I don't know what to do ...

Anonymous said...

Responding to:"Egyptian men are true men,not sissy western bugs

Obey the orders and Be servant for your egyptian husband or u will find him Terrible LION :D"

^Lions belong in zoos or in the wild. Maybe you should live there.

Barbara Robert said...

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