Saturday, November 04, 2006

Shut up and drive

Well, reading back I have been in the dumps lately and this blog has been showing it. I have some posts with actual thoughts other than poor me coming... Just hang with me.

In my personal life I have decided that the only way I can get things back in order is to do it myself. No more nagging, no more wishing, no more hoping or complaining. And insha'Allah DH will get on the bus, because it's moving forward kids. In that spirit I signed up for some of Zaytuna's classes. Other things will have to wait. So keep me in your dua. If the family needs direction I am going to have to find a way to give it.

And on that subject, I called a couple of sheikhs about personal stuff and never actually got to speak to one. Brothers, I know you need your people answering the phone to help you manage your time... But if there is a sister who calls back several times sounding upset try to let them know to just put her through if she calls again, OK? And sisters answering the phones... Don't try to get the person to leave a detailed message (now some were really nice but others, well). Sometimes we can't be called back and most times we are not interested in telling our situation to anyone other than the person we are calling... OK?

Does anyone know about online courses in Islam??? I was under the impression that Zaytuna's new course offerings were going to be online, but alas it looks like no. I'm still set on doing some courses... But it looks like I have to keep looking.


Anonymous said...

Asalamalaykom Sister,

I think that you and I could start a great business sky-writing messages to sheiks. LOL! Enshahallah, you'll get to speak with the sheik soon. Doesn't your hub know someone with the sheik's cell number? That always does the trick.

Muhammad said...

InSha Allah Yes do that cell phone thing.

I wish you all the best at your Zaytuna classes.

Zaynab said...

assalaamu alaykum,
have you checked out the american open university?
i've taken classes from their english bachelor's degree program and they've been excellent, mashaAllah.
also, has CD versions of some of the Al-Maghrib courses. the tafseer of juz 'amma CDs (touched by an angel) have an accompanying student workbook and exam available for free download from their website. that's my next project, inshaAllah.

Umm Yehiya said...

Assalaamu alaikum, sister. I too am a student with AOU. I've taken two classes, and am enrolled in two right now. I like it & find it beneficial. The format is, you enroll, they send you the books & lectures on tape, you write an exam & a paper & take an oral exam at the end of each class.

A good friend of mine is newly enrolled in Sharia Academy, which she chose over AOU because of their live lectures during which you can type in questions to the prof., or record & listen to later at your convenience.

Farzeen said...


You could even try - - it's an online academy. The fall semester has already started, but you could find out if there is still time to enroll.