Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Fired Fired Fired...

Well, on the morning of Eid, I had one of my hate the community moments and we decided to forgo the Eid prayer this year... Now don't give me grief because the thing is there is no spirituality in it for me here in this town. Mostly I just come home crying abut how everyone is really just there to hang with their ethnic community, and I really just don't get anything out of it. Actually dealings with the masjid seem to take me away from the deen more than towards it here, but that's another post. So we were snacking and decorating the house when the person above my DH in the business he has called and they told DH they were pulling his conrtract in thirty days. UGH

DH is upset, we are not sure about what we are doing... I want to just start applying elsewhere and move, he wants to keep all the little side contracts he has and just keep going (which would change our income dramatically). All that he can come back t is that because of various factors surrounding it, Allah must have some plan for him. Now I agree... But I don't think it is coming just sitting here. But here we are.

Please keep us in your dua. What have I been saying abut something big coming? Well here it is. Here it is.


Surviving said...

I really hope you are able to figure things out soon. It sounds as though we are gping through some similar things right now.

Anonymous said...


We never really know what's going to happen to us...sometimes we pretend we know...but we don't. Allah is the only one who knows, so put your trust there. Don't worry. It is all going to work out beautifully! Enshahallah!

lifeAgift said...

I was termiinated from my coporate job @ a week after Ramadan. I call it my Liberation. I a a mother of 5. So now I am home taking care of my family.

Allah always knows best.

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Mona UmIbrahim said...

May Allah bring something better for him inshaAllah and be the start of a new chapter in your lives. Hang in there.