Saturday, October 21, 2006

Random Thoughts

Since I have all these little things floating around in my head and none of them deserve their own post yet...

***My SIL are a freak, and a mean one. DH and I fight about the state of the house all the time... He thinks I am the laziest wife ever and I think he is the messiest husband ever. SIL revisits this topic ALL the time because she knows it is a point of contention. The latest? Telling repeated stories about all the weird flours I have and how the only thing she found to eat in the entire house was one bag of Wal-Mart hamburger buns. Kids.... DS and I have CELIACS, we don't really eat much bread and yes to the average person the flours I bake with are weird. But of course in spite of repeated warnings bread is ALL she feeds my son... Well that and pasta, grrrrrrr. And I am a more whole foods person, so you actually have to like prepare things in my kitchen (imagine that!) so they don't look like food to her. Yeah, you might actually have to like eat a vegetable or cut some cheese off the block.... And for spice lately she has to keep asking why we don't have mice in my messy kitchen. Well Psycho SIL because when you are there they are all snacking on the food you hoard in your room. :P

***North American women who convert to Islam are STRONG. Yes, it's true... And I know I am generalizing and all, but this is the case more times than not. As I loaded myself and the four kids into the car to go do manual labor to help my DH with his job at 6am in the freezing cold... I felt sure that no Egyptian woman I know would do that. I don't even know how an Egyptian woman would feel about the work he does... Not good is my guess because I myself hate it, but I think an Egyptian woman would feel that he was really dragging her through the mud. I have no such dignity. My experience with women from Arab/Pakistani women has never shown me anyone who does all the things and puts up with all the things that converts do. So lets pat our own backs for a minute here sisters, we are strong in our deen and strong for our families as a rule rather than an exception. I hope that we are not just stubborn, and sometimes maybe we are, but whatever the case we tolerate lots.

***Eid preparations have commenced at my house. DH still hasn't cleared the dining table, but I haven't started whining yet. Maybe I'll serve the Eid dinner on top of his paperwork... If I'm sure to cook something with plenty of sauce I'm sure he would learn his lesson. he he he


Anonymous said...

Asalamalyakom ,

"Well Psycho SIL because when you are there they are all snacking on the food you hoard in your room. :P"

LOL! What is it with Egyptians hoarding food in our homes?? Everything that's ours is theirs and everything that's theirs is hoarded in their room. LOL

Hey, laugh it's almost Eid :)

Anonymous said...

I came across your blog through another blog. I am an American Muslim married to an Egyptian and I find what you say here to be incredibly offensive. Don't judge all Egyptian women by your sil's behavior. My female in-laws help their husbands with their work AND the housework and are no lazy asses like you want to portray them. And unlike you I respect my husband and his family and would not badmouth them publicly like you do.

ladymathematician said...

Hi, I came across your blog and have been reading. You seem lovely...I just wanted to point out that if you and your son and Celiacs you shouldn't be having ANYTHING with gluten - just cutting down doesn't help!

Feel free to email me if you'd like. My brother is a Celiac, and I've done a ton of research.