Saturday, October 07, 2006

Actual conversations with Egyptian Husband...

EH: I can't eat anymore meat! You have been making meat every night and I can't take it anymore! Hilaus. I can't eat anymore meat.

So, I make a vegetarian iftar the next day. Baba Ganoush, stuffed peppers, veggie rice, salad and warm bread.

UL: (looking at EH's empty plate) Do you want another pepper or something?

EH: No, what kind of meat did you make?

UL: Uhhh, you said you couldn't eat anymore meat.

EH: You didn't make any meat?

UL: No.

EH: Could you do a steak for me quick?


Anonymous said...


Ramadan Kareem...especially in matters of food and Egyptian husbands who have been fasting. LOL That's a funny conversation that seems vaguely fammilar LOL ;)

cncz said...

Salam alaikoum
I get that, but with salt...or olive the next day i put neither...then I get, "Honey, where's the salt...honey, where's the olive oil..."
Or, my personal favorite, when he says that during Ramadan he wants to eat healthy, so no more cookies. Yeah ok cookie monster.

Anonymous said...

Asalamalaykom Cncz,

I get told that my husband doesn't eat sweets. I shouldn't buy them and waste money. And then, when I've brought home a leftover sweet from the masjid's ifar, it magically disappears in the night. Isn't that funny? LOL

Safa said...

Vaguely familiar conversation for me too! Sometimes my hubby sleeps sitting up in bed cause his stomach hurts him from eating too much meat. You gotta be kidding? Why would anyone torture themselves like that???

theladyofshalotte said...

asalaamu aleikum,

LOL....we have a simple rule in our house; the one doing the cooking makes the cooking rules.

that story is classic!

Naturally Muslimah said...

Assalamu Alaikum!

LMHO!! That is a funny story! But seriously, that meal sounds great! post the recipe for those stuffed peppers when you get a chance!


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