Friday, July 20, 2007

Say hello to my little friend....

I know that it may be slightly controversial for a Muslim woman to publicly discuss her birth control choices, but I figure if no one ever talks we will all just be in the OB's office starting and that BC chart and thinking, "HUHHHHHH?". So, here I go.

I have been going through the BC thing since my baby was born a year ago in search of an option that actually makes sense for me. See, I got pregnant on the mini-pill and had some mind numbing headaches after the third round of Depo... So it was time for a new option. I have revisited the BC thing after my last three pregnancies and tried something new every time.

When I was not really serious about BC after our first child (we were spacing not really preventing) I used a diaphragm. Now, for those of you who have never even used a tampon or checked your own cervix... A diaphragm might be a little odd for you. But, once you get used to it you can do it pretty quickly. My Dr (family friend) at the time told me I could always teach my DH to put it in and then I wouldn't have to break the mood. "I thought you knew my DH? Maybe I should introduce you sometime... His name is _____!" was my response. But maybe there are people who that would work for. For the rest of us it requires a bathroom break, and a generous application of spermicide (which changes vaginal PH and cause more frequent infections for some women).

Then, I went to the mini-pill. No mood breaking, no interfering with breastfeeding... And I got pregnant with my third child when our son was about 9 months old. To be fair, I wasn't taking it at the same hour every day like I was supposed to... But I was always taking it before bed, so go figure. I don't really promote it because I feel it may not be enough hormone to interrupt the cycle for all women.

Then, now gun-shy, I wouldn't let them send m home from the hospital without a depo-prevara injection. They are a time release hormone and they last about 3 months. I got 3 boosters and then headaches and irregular bleeding forced me to consider other options. We went to spermicides until we were ready to get pregnant again.

This time... Well, I started out with the nuvo-ring. It worked fine (less side effects than the pill) but even after the adjustment period of two months I was suffering from a reduced milk supply. So, I took it out. Now, if I wasn't nursing it would've been fine. But, in the long run I would rather stay away from hormonal BC. So... I talked to my midwife AGAIN who told me that I might want to consider what she has always relied on, a copper IUD. So, we agreed I would just come in next time I had my period (since that is when it is easiest to insert) and that's now. So, Monday I go in and get the IUD placed. I am a little nervous about it, but ready to be done with BC conversations and trial and error with hormones.

So, I know you might be thinking that you don't really care to hear about BC... But if you want an actual woman's perspective on it, here you go. I will post Monday about how the procedure went and whether or not it left me considering celibacy as an option!lol


Living Away said...

have you heard about mirena? i use it for 3 years now and i just feel in heaven!! no worries, no anxiety anymore!
it is a little expensive, but it lasts for 5 years!
check it out if you are interested!


Anonymous said...


Mirena is what I would get again if I went for IUD.

NOT Paragard...the copper only kind. Search my blog for IUD and read how many problems I had. Lots of problems.

UmmLayla said...

I have looked into the problems... But I think I am willing to hope that it works out for me in the long run. My problem with the hormones is the nursing thing... And the migranes. UGH

I remember you saying that HA... And your bleeding and cramping is my fear (I have always had heavy periods anyway). I guess there is no really trouble free BC!LOL

Anonymous said...

im really glad ur talking about this subject!! i've been married for 7 years now and we only used condoms! we agreed befor marigge that we will not use any hormons theges cus of all the problems thay cause... i cant offored any mistakes cus i wana finish my degree,and we are HAPPY with our decision=) i do have a 3 year old though..ALHAMDULILAH it was planned;)

Anonymous said...

Asalamalaykom UmmLayla,

Ya, the hormone thing...that is the reason I went with Paragard in the first place. The plan was to be on it during nursing and then switch to Mirena once weaned.

Never got that far. Thanks, TBD! I'm now on the celibacy plan.

Mirena literature will tell you that it doesn't pass into breastmilk, but my obgyn differs on that. She says that she has seen some "pregnancy mask" darkness appear on women on Mirena. So! That would indicate that it is at sufficiently high levels to be troubling during nursing--especially with a boy.

And my skin is very that could be part of the issue...don't know.

Best wishes for your procedure. Take care of yourself! Love to you and yours! :)

Anonymous said...

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