Saturday, January 24, 2009

My washer hates me :(

As usual I have a huge pile of laundry and there are even more loads than usual this week because the kids have the flu. I don't want to get graphic here, but they are the kind of loads that can't wait. And my moody HE washer is giving me an error and shutting off about 10 times during an average cycle. I heard it beeping the error code just now and I am only rinsing a load!!! I am seriously annoyed with my laundry situation at this point. I am running the dryer for 2 hours every time I dry because it sucks, and I am doing smaller loads since the washer is acting up... And even with that the whole process is not making a dent in my laundry pile. It takes me a whole afternoon to wash and dry one load!!!

OK. So if you read that a woman in WY loaded her washer on the truck and then took it out into the woods to shoot it... You will know that's me.


mistika said...

I will say go ahead I hate laundry specially folding HATE IT!!!and at home it seems with the two girls and the husband it just accumulates and accumulates!!! sorry for venting

Mona said...

ugh! I loathe laundry, and you know how much laundry the kids produce, I can never catch up.