Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Summer homeschooling challenge #1

I am going to do a summer program at home for the kids this year. I have been planning it and the first hurdle is: Taking the above pictured mess (now a storage room) and making it into a classroom. It's going to be nice, insha'Allah... And that room needs to be cleared out anyway... But it's also going to be a pain in the butt!LOL My plan is to have school desks and a computer. I will also set up book shelves. Right now I am working on that room and searching for a math curriculum. I am also compiling a summer reading list and digging out the HSing books that have been in storage since we moved. I have enrolled in a few activities and need to print some wall calendars to start a master schedule. I'm excited, and I want to start on June 8th so I have some serious work to do.


American Muslima Writer said...

WOW! Looks actaully like super fun to me!

I would love to be able to tackle this job!!!

Check out my Homescholing blog how I turned my "play room/office" into a basic homeschooling room.

Click on the "Homeschooling tab of course :D on my blog.

Looks liek a ncie spacious room you can do a lot with!

Heather said...

You are going to be one very busy woman!!!! I hope all goes well and without much trouble.

AA said...

If you need help with math through the summer months, look up Summer Math Enrichment Program. We will be offering this program to help students with Math through the summer months.

UmmLayla said...

AMW, are you free next week???LOL Too bad you are so far away I could use an enthusiastic friend to help!!! I looked at you blog and WOW you did a great job organising in your limited space. I can no longer complain that I need more space or I can't do anything!LOL

Heather, it's in the building beside the house... So I will technically be getting out of the house every day... So you know...

AA, thanks, I'll check it out.

Muslim Hippie said...

Well, it looks like a fun room to me. ( and btw I salute you on taking that pic! very brave indeed).
Good luck with all your projects.

UmmLayla said...

I am what I am as Popeye says!LOL Seriously, I have been using that room in the building beside our house (it's under construction) knowing that I will have to eventually clean it out... Basically I had a small resale kid's stuff store and that's the leftovers from closing it. I sold my racks and shelving... But you see what that left me with!!! A mess!LOL

Hidayah said...

Assalaam 'alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa batakatuh

Hve you checked out A beka for their homeschooling math curriculum? We're using it and it's quite good. Not too much religious stuff and what is there is super easy to take out. Just a thought. They have an excellent teachers guide with lesson plans, scope and sequence, etc and I've found them to be really professional. Best of success in sha Allah.