Thursday, May 14, 2009

I'm still here!!!

I haven't updated in awhile, so I will share with you a few things that I have been meaning to posts about.

I am totally dreaming of going to this event from Zaytuna Institute. **big sigh** Anyone want to watch the kids for a week and loan me $1,600??? OK OK!!! Don't get mad, I was just asking!LOL

My very sweet SIL from Egypt saved my behind from wardrobe hell by bringing me several wonderful summer shirts/ ensembles from Egypt. Some were ready right away, and a couple need hemming/alterations. Anyway, I have a great head start on my summer clothing. Alhamdulilah.

I am going tomorrow afternoon to get a massage for the first time ever in my life. I have migraine headaches and in the interest of saving my liver from my overuse of migraine meds I am trying to find alternative ways to deal with my headaches. I will probably go to a chiropractor as well when I find one I like here in town. I'm hoping that the idea of having a strange person all up in my space won't undo any relaxing effect said massage might have.

I got a new kitchen tool the other day, an onion dicer (I hate chopping onions)... And the clutz that I am I had it on the counter and was leaning forward over it trying to push the onion through the chopper, when it slipped and the end I was pushing on went down and the front went up launching the stupid thing into my forehead. So no, that's not a prayer mark... That's a BRUISE because I am too dippy to use a simple kitchen tool safely. Yeah, it's true.

I got some great fabric on sale in Denver and I am planning to make myself some clothes. I also got a very groovy canvas tent pattern that I am going to make up for my kids and the daycare, insha'Allah. I think it will be very cool, I will post pics, insha'Allah.

I am looking into self-publishing a book that I mentioned some time ago... A kinda practical how to deal book for female converts, the girlfriends guide to Islam is the working title. I will be looking for other converts to talk about their experiences, so leave me your e-mail if you are interested. I AM struggling with the content a little because I was thinking about having some scholars answer questions, and even if I can find someone to do that... I think I am going way outta my league by having too much specific religious content. I want it to be a real life thing, not a collection of fiqh for women; I'm not qualified for that obviously.

Other than that... The house is still a mess because we went to Denver for a week, but I have high hopes for getting it done this weekend. And I need to take on the project of making curtains for the living room, but I know that I will do something fun like the tent instead... I'm not the most practical mom after all.


Mona said...

Wow, enjoy your massage, poor you with the onion chopper!

Umm Nassim said...

I would love to hear if the massage helped? Headaches are part of daily life at the moment...arrrrghhh. I'll join you to the conference...:-) Love the idea of the book!!! Yes, yes, yes, we are ready for an interview. Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the new clothes, InshaAllah! Haven't forgotten about your kids!!! I just have to straighten my there a therapy for that?

ummlayla said...

The massage was good. Initially it was nice. Then I got home and sat there reading for an hour or so and I felt really sore... Like I had a really hard workout but only in my back and neck. DH (former athlete) assured me this was good, it meant formerly bound up stuff in the muscles was trying to circulate out of the body. I stretched a little and cleaned the bathroom well... Did some dishes and then stretched again before bed. Today I feel great. I usually wake up with neck pain, and I had none. So, so far so good. I will let you know if it continues to work for me. I am thinking about every other week to start.

Muslim Hippie said...

Do try acupuncture for Migraines, also Homeopathic remedies could work, they take patience though as there's plenty of trial and error involved.
I'm glad you're sister in law got some goodies back with her for you:)

As for the tent/ curtain business... I'm amazed that you're that crafty to consider which one over which( MashaAllah!) Sewing mamas rock!

Your were missed:)