Saturday, April 25, 2009

This week I need to...

I have so many things to do this week, and I am determined to get them done... But I always manage to slack off. I made dua this morning for help with all the things I have to do... I need it. So, here it is:

-Get the kids ready for their Goha presentations. DS is doing a story about tricking 2 thieves and he will dress as Goha and tell it in first person. Layla is doing the story above about Goha teaching his son a lesson while walking with a donkey through town. She will do a storyboard to go along with it. So, i need to complete the display of the story board and make DS's jilbab.

-Get my bathroom ready to try and have someone come in and put tile on our peeling plaster shower wall.

-Get my house in order and picked up so I can bring someone to help clean before my SIL comes from Egypt maybe as soon as this weekend (not that I can afford that, but I will be SOOOOO embarrassed if I don't have it clean at least the living room carpet).

-Do the piles of laundry in the upstairs hallway.

-Get some kind of sleeping arrangement for my SIL figured out, and hopefully figure out some solutions for if SIL #2 comes with.

-Bake cupcakes for the sale on Friday.

-Try not to have a nervous breakdown about doing all of the above!!!


Jaz said...

Are you a professional procrastinator like me? Hope you get everything done and keep your cool!

Anonymous said...

Wow you have a full plate! Do it one thing at a time.

Roqayah said...

MashaAllah sis :D You have a lot to do and I pray that your beautiful children don't cause you to tear your hair out before you finish with their project lol
I have 4 younger sisters - so I know how hard it may be XD

First time I came across your blog,and mashaAllah I am glad I did :)

Looking forward to further readings!

Anonymous said...

-think about White Privilege and Muslims
you are invited--please--

Mona said...

I have so many things I need to get done, namely the stove is soooo dirty I've been procrastinating!

Ruqayyah said...

Yikes that is a full week! May Allah grant you ease. Ameen.

It is always hard to get ready when relatives are coming I think, more so if they are relatives that you don't see often. If you see someone a lot I think (at least in my case) they know you and your routine and don't expect so much of the "hostess" role.

Anonymous said...

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