Sunday, July 12, 2009

2009 Ramadan Craft (gift box)

I like to do a craft every year and post a tutorial for Ramadan. Last year I missed it, this year I wanted to be early so you can do one if you like the idea, insha'Allah. So here it is:

You will need:

Glue, paintbrush, paper mache or cardboard box, duct tape (craft colored type) and tissue paper.

First, mix your glue with an equal amount of hot water to thin it out.

Then have some fun tearing the tissue paper into little squares (maybe 1 inch???).

Then brush the glue onto the surface of your box.

Now lay the tissue paper into the glue. Once you do the whole thing, give it a coat of the glue over the entire surface. You may want to do that part for the younger ones because the tissue paper can get too wet and move if you brush hard. Let it dry for a few hours after this step.

Take your box and draw a template. Then use the size to create a design for the top of your box.

Here you can see mine, a crescent and a star.

Now take that design and cut it out of your gold foil (or whatever contrasting color you like). Then use your thin glue to paste it onto the lid and give it a little top coat when you are finished.

Next, take the duct tape and cover the edge as shown.

Fold the edges of the tape to cover the rim of the box. I did this to protect the decorative finish from the opening and closing of the lid.

Repeat the process with the rim of the lid.

On the inside lid paste a printed message explaining the box and its contents to the recipient. Mine says:

"Right now Muslims all over the world are celebrating the month of Ramadan. You may know that it is a time of fasting from sunrise to sunset and a special chance for us to grow in our faith. What you may not know is that it is also a time for sharing food and company with our family and friends. Our family would like to share a small gift with you and we hope that you will enjoy it. These cookies are called kahk, and are a special treat shared by Egyptian families during the month of Ramadan.

Peace and blessings to you and your loved ones."

This is the finished box, and as you may have guessed by the inside of the lid we plan to use it as a container for cookies to be given to friends. Be sure to line the box with something if you fill it with food, oil from the food could damage it.


Muslim Hippie said...

you're very cool, do you know that!

A note on the kahk though. We eat it in eid al fitr after Ramadan. We eat basboosa, konafa, and 'aish saraya in Ramamdan. But of-course Kahk shouldn't be just for eid. And it's especially delicious when given or received as gifts. Ramadan Mubarak to you and your family, and cheers on the tutorial.

Solace In Islam said...

Masha'Allah, you are so talented. What a great idea. I think we should try and make this too!

UmmLayla said...

MH, I see what you are saying... I guess I think of Eid as part of Ramadan, and I have the tendency to gloss over the Eid thing when trying to simplify for non-Muslims because throwing it in there seems to leave people with the impression that it is separate from Ramadan (weird personal thing maybe). I think I will have to change the lid to read "at the end of" instead of "during"... Thanks for pointing it out.

SII, Thanks and do share your pics if you make some!!!

Mona said...

That is beautiful, MashaAllah.

Candice said...

What a pretty box! You're really crafty!

UmmZaynab said...

Love it! :)

ummee said...

MashaAllah!! It looks so beautiful!! Thanks for sharing your idea.

Hajar said...

Extremely creative of you! :)

ummossama said...

ASA UmmLayla, JAK for the wonderful idea!!!! Love the idea of sharing our holiday with neighbors- We are taking your idea and making them with our girl scout troop. I also linked your idea to our parenting website... and all your other Ramadan ideas as well.(In Schooling folder) Love the date chain!!! Hope you will be posting more of your Ramadan ideas soon. Insha'allah.

itto said...

I like this mashaallah, thanks for the idea!
and Ramadan moubarak to you, inchaallah.

Umm Adam said...

Assalam alaikum:)

MashaAllah what an awsome idea!
InshaAllah I plan to make some of these gift boxes with my kids.
JazakAllahu Khaira for sharing these creative ideas.

And Ramadan Mubarak to you and your family.

Amalia said...

salam alaikum!
I just came across your blog and I love this idea! Thanks for sharing it.

Anonymous said...

ooh mashaalah i wish i had found this before ramadan!!! will defiintely keep this in mind for next ramadan inshaallah ...may Allah make us live to see another Ramadan. Ameen

Ramadan mubarak!! love your arts!