Sunday, July 05, 2009

We are on the road right now. On an RV trip to be specific (which is another post entirely)and we made our way from WY to Niagra Falls and are now going back and hitting some things we wanted to see. I personally have always wanted to see what a city filled with Muslims would be like... So we made our way towards Dearborn, MI. We shopped, we ate and I marveled at the microchasm (no spell check right now so please forgive the spelling) of Islam in America.

We have had trouble with the generator, discovered that RV parks cost more than bidding for hotels on Priceline and were shocked at the behavior of mass amounts of Arabs (they all park on the freeway to watch fireworks ya'll!!!)... And we had a good time.

Niagra Falls was nice, but bring your passport because the Canadian side is the best.

Check out The Henry Ford Museum if you are ever in Dearborn... I liked it, and even if DH says I like all museums (which is true) I swear this one was nice.

We also checked out the living history farm near Des Moine, Iowa. The kids milked a cow, which of course happened around some live illustrations of farming in early America... But who's gonna remember that with all the cow milking???

Anyway, that's where I am... We are headed home and will arrive Wednesday??? Insha'allah.


jana z. said...

what a nice trip!!! i would love to do something like that dad used to do that with us, just get in the car and go.

i would love for my youngest daughter to milk a cow..she would love it.

and i laughed at the arabs on the freeway looool. thats the second blog ive read today talking about arabs en masse whooping it up.


Lisa said...

Road trips are so fun! I wanted to do one instead of Disneyland on a plane, but had worries about our car.

The RV sounds wonderful, but the poop issue scares me as far as having to unload it yourself That's what husbands are for though right :)

I love that you stopped in Dearborn! Hope you guys got to eat some good Arabic food there. Where else did you get to go?