Friday, September 23, 2005

Do I NEED it?

I have been thinking a lot about the necessity of things in modern life. I have been talking with my husband about it a lot. I think he imagines that any minute I will turn into Ma from Little House on the Prairie. And I guess there is a distinct possibility that I might;)

No, really.... Have you ever stopped to examine your life and think about what you really need to be comfortable? Chances are you will find out you have much more than you need. And you work much more than you would have to to buy these things you don't really need in the first place.

I think we have turned wants into needs in America. And the cycle is endless once it starts. You "need" more, so you work more, then you "need" more things to help you in your busy life... Why not just stop the whole thing. Consume less and work less, which ultimately equals living more? I think the answer is we can't even remember what it is to need something anymore! Of course I am guilty... But I have tired to think it through more before I make a big purchase. I ask myself if the need for that thing is real or imagined. I know that the capitalistic nature of this country can't really stand up to brutal honesty in consumerism... But eventually we as individuals are going to have to tackle this issue in our lives.

So google simple living and ask yourself, "Do I need all the things I am working so hard to buy?"


~dawn said...

You may want to read "your money or your life"- which talks about giving up time for things... a good read.

Then again, I guess it is Americans who need to read it, but they are too thick sometimes to figure out that they are in a rat race sometimes.

cncz said...

once in college i was having money issues, and i had a friend who had less income than i did, but always seemed to have money. i asked her how she did it, and she said, "I just ask myself if I need it." Wow.

UmmLayla said...

Subhan'Allah. You are so right cncz. Have you ever noticed that there are families who live fine on the meager assistantship money while in school and others who can't seem to make ends meet on an $80,000 salary?

The truth is everyone has to be on board with it if you are married. I am trying to impress that upon DH... But he loves to eat well and buy the kids toys he never had... And it all adds up. But, we are working on it;) Alhamdulilah we have no credit cards... At least we are ahead there. But, we do have medical debt since my husband's job has no insurance:p