Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Infant mortality rates worldwide

So, I was reading something that got me thinking about infant mortality rates here and broad… Check out a list here and you will see the # of deaths per 1000 live births in various countries.

Notice when you are reading it how the US ranks. Not so good for possibly one of the richest nations in the world, right? We are 43 in a list of 226 nations if you rank from best to worst. Wow.

Now notice where the predominantly Muslim countries rank. Afghanistan is has the second highest infant mortality rate in the entire world. And countries that I would think would be better are not doing too well either. Egypt has an infant mortality of 32.59 per 1000, Pakistan 72.44, and Syria 29.45. Just another one of those things that makes you think we have more to worry about as an ummah than whether or not prayer beads are biddah, huh?

Apparently, the safest place to give birth is Singapore…Czech Republic has an infant mortality rate almost half of that in the US. And Canada is safer than the US, hmmm, “What’s the purpose of your visit to Canada Mam?” “To give birth in a safer environment Sir.”

There is just no good excuse for this. Why is our infant mortality rate what it is? Can someone who is better at statistics than me tell me if there is some way this information could be skewed? Because if it is not, birth practices in the US are even worse than I previously thought.

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alienbea said...


I know this is totally off topic, but -- where did you find such a cute little picture? Masha'Allah. They are adorable! :)

UmmLayla said...

I was just hunting around for graphics for Ramadan decorations... I thought it was sweet too:)

Anonymous said...

Hi! I just came across your post when I was googling information about this topic. It appears that the reason for the higher infant mortality in the US is due to the high rate of cesarean sections, poor nutrition, and poor prenatal care because of lack of insurance. Most countries with lower infant mortality have excellent health care, and much lower rate of unnecessary medical intervention.

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Anonymous said...

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