Sunday, September 25, 2005

Weekends as a mom

I have noticed that I no longer really have weekends. The days all sort of blend together. And, in reality Sundays and Mondays when the store is closed are not really a break for us. I wonder if this is a mommy thing?

Have any other moms out there noticed that weekends are more like heavy work days for you? Am I the only one who lets things pile up during the week to the point where I have to rush around Sunday hoping to at least uncover the furniture in the mess? And why is it that these are always the days I feel run down and tired? There is not enough Emer'gen-C in the world to get me off my duff this afternoon!LOL Maybe it is just the prospect of all the work that needs to get done?

So, to all the other moms out there... I hope you are enjoying your weekdays because weekends seem to be a pre-mommy thing;)


Sobia said...

my weekends are full of dirty dishes and dirty clothes. I put it off too b/c I'm too tired after wrestling with the kids. :)

Surviving said...

I am always forgetting what day of the week it is. The fact that my husband works on the weekend doesn't help either.

UmmLayla said...

Sobia, I think life in general is full of dirty clothes and dirty dishes when you have little kids. The only thing that I have done (and it may seem silly, but trust me on this) is to start doing things sitting. I have a stool in the kitchen, and I sit on a chair by the drawers while folding and putting away laundry. You might want to give it a shot since you are expecting. Nothing wears on me more than standing all the time when pregnant, and as long as you are not lounging the entire time in a recliner sitting is not bad!LOL

Surviving, Yeah... Weird works hours SUCK. And my husband never takes a day off. He will tell you that he could if he wanted to... But he never does. Insha'Allah he is looking into changing jobs. Keep us in your dua;) Although, I don't know what I would do with a DH who had a 9-5... It would be weird after seven years!LOL

camilla said...

So my hubby is not the only one who works 7 days in a week without off eventhough he can take a day off. Weekends is never a rest day for me like what my hubby says. Even if he sees the house clean and all, he thinks I get more rest than him

Anonymous said...

Dear sisters, The weekends do seem overwhelming; even though I am home during the week day, I am in Nursing School four nights a week. I am happy I found this website as I was feeling a bit isolated...I just keep reading. Every thing here is informative. I think I have lots in common here. I was reading through older posts. I will try to log in and choose an identity at some point.

muslimbychoice said...

Asalaam' Alaikum:

I don't know if it's just me . . . but I finally get the house in order the weekend comes and bam - the house becomes a pig sty in no time flat. For some reason having everyone around to take care of all at once (including the husband) things aren't put where they belong and before long the pile just overtakes you. Then I have to work the rest of the week getting through the pile - only to have another one once weekend comes.

I'm starting to hate weekends!