Friday, February 03, 2006

At the risk of beating a dead horse...

I just wanted to comment on two things that I heard on radio/Arabic news channels because they are really eating me.

The first, and the closest to my heart... The US military is imprisoning the WIVES of suspected terrorists in Iraq. Shame on them. What about that is different than the dictatorship we just removed??? And to me it really reeks of desperation. OK, wire tap me. OK, search my house. Imprison me because you SUSPECT my husband might be involved in terrorist activities? Grrrr. It just makes me so mad! And visions of WWII interment camps keep flooding my mind.

And today, finally the media here in the US picked up what Al-Jazera has been talking about for the past couple days...Caricatures of Mohammad SWS first published in Denmark when a Denmark newspaper asked 12 cartoonists to draw a caricature of the Prophet. Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Qatar, and there may be more now are boycotting Denmark as a result. DH and I felt compelled to look them up online... And we were able to find reprints someone had posted of the cartoons. Yeah, DUMB to say the least. Offensive too... My feeling though is that it reveals what non-Muslims tend to think about us, and it is a sad testimony to the fact that we have gone NOWHERE in educating the public about Islam. You say one thing by poking fun at Osama Bin Laden, or even modern Muslims... But taking it back to the Prophet, well yeah. I support the boycotting because it sends a message... But I want people to know we aren't just mad about depicting the Prophet (because if you aren't Muslim that makes no sense to you anyway) but we are mad at the way he is being depicted and what it says about how people feel about Islam as a religion.


DareDevil said...

nice post, in fact sister, we must change, and it really hurt when I hear bush said "uncivilized people", well, he is right, we are uncivilized, nice post again

Dusty said...

Yes, nice post. We have to prove that Islam is about peace and not about terrorism.

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

All Americans should be concerned for the reality of the government building internment camps in the US for "immigration" cases.

It seems illegal Mexicans are the targets for now. But it is not hard to imagine the rounding up of large numbers of Muslims if there is another terrorist attack in the US.
Fear saw Japanese Americans and Japanese Canadians (also Italians and Ukrainians) interned during WWII. Much of what the Bush administration does is play on peoples fears.