Thursday, February 09, 2006

A gluten for punishment

About 6 months ago now my only brother discovered he has Celiacs. Now it's not an allergy, it is an inability to digest gluten that leads to malabsorption of nutrients and a host of GI troubles. Ever since he has gone on a gluten free diet his health has improved and he lost a few excess pounds and gained control over GI trouble he's been having since high school. Inspired by the fact that celiacs seems to be highly inheritable, I have been looking into it.

I talked with the midwife I am seeing for this pregnancy... And she has told me I should just try it, since it carries no risk and eating gluten if I have celiacs does. So, I am going gluten free for a month. And, DS#2 will be as well. Although I imagine that will have it's challenges considering that he is 3 years old and we will still have regular breads and baked goods in the house. The reason I am having him try too is that he is growing so slowly. Now, maybe that's just him... But I want to be sure. Probably all the kids will end up on the diet, so I don't have any fights, we'll have to see how it goes. Nothing ventured nothing gained, right?


Baraka said...


I'm somewhat gluten intolerant & eliminated it from my diet last year. Felt much better afterwards but it is very hard to stick to in such a gluten-oriented society. Now, I do have it occasionally.

There are tests you can have done for it, the gold standard is the intestinal test but once they told me they'd have to go down my throat I said no thank you! Much easier just to stay off of gluten! :)

camilla said...

how to stay gluten free??? I was advised to have the test too where they put that tube down my throat, I ran away from the hospital and till now have not looked back. I am so scared of going through it.

UmmLayla said...

I know, the test is awful. But, my brother never had it and with all the improvements in his health since he has gone gluten free he never will bother. The midwife I asked talked to a doc about it for me and they both thought it was better to just go gluten free and if I feel better take that as a diagnosis. Honestly, I am just worried about optimal diet during pregnancy and for my son during his growing years... I may seek testing for my son just so DH can feel good about "depriving" him of certain foods!LOL I don't want to take any risks with getting the nutrients absorbed during critical times.

There are tons of resources on the web for gluten free cooking and what things contain gluten. I did some research and plan to borrow some books from my brother too. But, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the natural foods stores are carrying things appropriate for those on a gluten free diet. I got some flour for baking, and a bread mix for the bread-maker. I don't think it will be easy, but more places are recognising celiacs and labeling things as gluten free. Even Bojo's (famous pizza place in the Rocky Mountain area) has a gluten free pizza on the menu.

Umm Isa said...

Salaam aleikom. Thanks for the info abt gluten. I hope it'll help you biidhnillah. Mabrook on the pregnancy, may Allah make it easy for you and give you a healthy happy baby, amin.