Monday, September 18, 2006

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This is a tag I was actually thinking I might start, but Romerican beat me to it!!! It's a good one too! What's in your purse?

My answer... Not much, but I have a diaper bag too, so ha ha. Here is what was in my purse when I got tagged: My phone, wallet and keys (pretty standard). The wallet itself is a cavern of receipts, insurance cards for all six family members, my IDs, cards for the four different accounts we have (which have the account written on the back since otherwise they all look the same), my zoo passes, Sam's card, and if I am lucky some cash. It has no family photos I am noticing... Since the kids are always with me I guess it never occurred to me to carry photos. You want to know what my kids look like? Here, that one climbing on the display over there.LOL

The other stuff... A book on Waldorf education by Rudolf Steiner. My digital camera (which was not in the picture since I took the picture with it). Originals of the keys for some of our cars since I need to make extra copies (we make tons of copies since we both have a tendency to loose keys). Layla's bracelets that she insists on wearing but takes off after a couple of minutes in the car. A netflix movie for the kids (Duma to be exact). And that's it.

I guess I don't look like a very useful mom type since I have no Kleenex or lip balm... Medications... But all of that is in the diaper bag. Now if you wanted to read a LONG post I could tell you what's in the diaper bag!LOL

I tag... Surviving, Honorary Arab, and Umm Ibrahim (if you dare!!!).


Romerican said...

So all the dirty secrets are in your diaper bag, which leaves your purse as false witness to your supposed sanity, eh? Hehehe.

I've not really understood the kids pictures thing, myself. Other than having some safely archived at home, it seems perfectly natural to just enjoy being around them in reality rather than carry photos you never look at.

Of course, there's always the part of me that thinks very silly to shove your kids pix under everyone's nose, because no one really cares except yourself anyway.

Lastly, I was intrigued by the Steiner book as I've not heard of him before. With a little quick-n-dirty research, I have to say I'm impressed with the guy as being reasonably smart and so have added some of his works to my To Read list. So, thanks for that!

Mona UmIbrahim said...

Umm Layla, my purse is really boring. really really boring. Ibrahim is almost 3 so i don't have to carry much anymore. I just have my wallet, phone, pen, and bottle of water. Sometimes a sippy cup. Sometimes the camera. The keys i hang up in the entrance when i first come in. Lately, i haven't been in the mood to post memes, sorry.

detox said...

Just kidding but still wow your lucky very lucky I bet rob pattison was so hot in real person

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