Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Yellow polka dot Burqini?

So, DH and I have been contemplating meeting at the local rec center every morning and taking the kids swimming. This leads to my usual question of, "Is it worth it to try to find a modest swimsuit or will DH tease me until I run and hide in the locker room?" Ha Ha.

I think I have settled on making one, but we will have to see how expensive it is to buy that many yards of swimsuit fabric!LOL So, has anyone out there bothered to try these "modest" swimsuits? What do you think of them? I'm thinking no matter how much they suck I am dying to get into the water with the rest of the family!!!!

Of course in looking for images and ideas I came across all sorts of craziness... And if one such crazy person should happen to stumble across my blog. No, these suits are not oppressive. The fact is once you wear hijab and are committed to it you feel naked without it. I know, I know... "How's that?" you ask. Well, everyone has their own standard of modesty. I personally think that most women work hard to overcome the natural feelings of shyness to go out wearing a bikini... I know I did. So if you see a woman in a "modest" swimsuit, please just smile and say, "To each her own." Look, as long as you don't force me to wear your suit... I won't force you to wear mine, deal?


UmmZahra said...

Assalaamu alaikom,
I saw a young teen sister wearing one of these while at a women's only swim session. Hers reminded me of those windbreaker suits. I dread the thought of wearing one of these, but honestly I would like to get into the water with my family too. I think I'd try for some spandex pants and a long shirt. These suits get pretty costly.

Mona Um Ibrahim said...

Salams. I bought the Ahiida modest fit swimsuit - aka the burqini - last summer. i researched the others and people were saying they don't work well. I wasn't satisfied with the pants/long shirt option because they stick A LOT and i tried wearing a polyester abaya but that was too hard to swim in. The burqini took a long time to ship and when i got it it was almost the end of summer. So this summer will be my real first trials with it. It was so expensive too. i got the largest size - XL, though i usually wear M/L. The pants are loose and the shirt is very long and loose. It's almost like you're wearing the pakistani sharwarkamis outfits. I got the navy blue which makes me feel more modest as well. The bust, neck, and head area are close fitting so i wear my usual square scarf on top. That is also helpful for when i come out of the water because there are like 5 seconds when you first come out of the water that the material sticks to your bust area. You need to have someone hand you a towel right away as you come out. After those few seconds the water has dripped down and the material is almost dry and puffs back up. it is very waterproof. Having said that, i am still not comfortable swimming if there are men in or around the pool because pools are small and i don't like to be so close to men. So i try to go in a time when there's no one at the pool (we have one in our complex). The beach i don't care because i can find a far off spot and go in the late afternoon after most people have gone.

rahma said...

I have a splashgear outfit that I really love -

I got the pants with the skirt, an island shirt and the hoodie scarf. I have a few complaints, but overall, I've found it excellent, and can swim laps in it with little problem.

My complaints are that the sleeves twist a bit, and the silver color hoodie scarf I got makes me look like a knight, lol. the silver color also fades with chlorine, but then again, everything fades with chlorine.

The shirt does stick when yo ugeto ut of the water, but if you tug the bottom out, it immediately unsticks and hangs modestly.

Maria said...

Salam Sister,
I think I have got to save your entry as a favourite. i've been looking for a modest swimsuit for ages (and I'm supposed to be from a Muslim country). However, the comments your readers left are incredibly helpful and insha'Allah i would love to get myself a suit. i love to swim and i haven't done that in a while.
however, as for your question if i would ever wear it. Sure! when i'm really doing laps and working on those abs - preferably with not too many men around.

but if it were a family retreat and i would have to wade into the baby pool with my daughter... NAH... i'd leave that to my husband or my brother. i think i would look funny.

how's that for perception?

Posmena Sales said...

Salaam Aleykum

I am the proud owner of an Ahiida Burqini and wore it for the first time as soon as it arrived the day before yesterday Alhamdullillah!(It was delivered within 4 days of ordering - and it was sent from England to Germany!)

I had a totally amazing experience wearing my Burqini in the Swimming pool - I was able to take my 8 month old son and play with him in the water and not have to worry about my modesty! Needless to say we both had a great time, I was able to get some exercise by moving around in the water and my son was able to start learning the very important first baby steps of learning to swim.

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