Thursday, June 28, 2007

Kefir and kombucha

DH has called my remedies "voodoo" ever since we were married 8 years ago. The only thing that has changed is that he now ASKS for my "voodoo" rather than running from it. I have become interested lately in probiotics... And the result is that I am, insha'Allah, going to start growing my own kefir and kombucha cultures. Basically, they both result in a drink. Kefir is like yogurt (a drinkable consistency) and Kombucha yields a tea which is pretty similar to apple cider. Why???

Drinking "living" drinks has different health benefits depending on the drink you are talking about. Kefir helps balance yeast and grow a healthy environment on your insides for optimal absorption of nutrients and general digestive health. This one is pretty straight forward and like a good yogurt regimen pretty widely accepted as fact. Kombucha tea falls further into the "voodoo" category, but basically the kombucha culture digests the sugar and tea into a slightly vinegary drink with several detoxifying ingredients and some helpful vitamins and enzymes.

I was given a kombucha culture by a friend in college and remember that it did make a pretty drinkable tea that I tryed. Of course I was young and in good health anyway, so I gave up after some time since I really thought I didn't see a drastic improvement in my overall health. Now, with all these things DH is on for his condition... Detoxing seems like a good thing. His liver has already started to show some stress on the blood tests, so I remembered kombucha.

If anyone has thoughts on the whole thing, let me know. I am new to growing kefir, so I might be crying for advice... But I have purchased it from the store in the past and yikes!!! I paid a bundle for the three week course I did to kick a case of thrush I had when the baby was about 2 months old. But, it did work. I even applied it topically for the first week. And I rubbed acidophiles on the baby's tongue every time she nursed (since I was afraid to give her the kefir since it was cows milk). And it worked wonders. I also lost my tummy pillow that I always seem to have. Of course the tummy crept back later!LOL

Ummmm, OK I'm rambling now. Kefir good. Kombucha, hopefully good. Making them at home, good. Amywhoo, back to my whole wheat bread (which hopefully hasn't over-risen).


Aeryn said...

Asalaam Alaikum Sister,

I have seen kefir for sale at the store is this the same thing?

May Allah bless you and your family,


UmmLayla said...

Yes, basicly the same. However most manufacturing processes focus on a few bacteria and are a kinda watered down version of the real thing.

Anonymous said...


I appreciate your info.

It's worth mentioning that in the realm of "living food" that breastmilk is also.

Sometimes we forget that in feeding a baby formula you are feeding them something dead and lifeless.

Breastmilk, on the other hand is teeming with LIFE and is FRESH and FULL OF LIVE ANTIBODIES. :)

aischa said...

Any luck? I am growing kombucha too, via an interest in kefir. Got a kombucha baby quickly, but still waiting to get some questionable kefir grains... The whole kombucha process is so bizarre! It has been neat to watch it grow.

UmmLayla said...

I have had good luck with growing kefir... I myself have to get some new grains because I stopped for awhile. I tried the kombucha and I just got tired of it I guess. I never could get DH to try it!LOL

sarah said...

salams sisters - quick question on the kombucha... I bought some from a store and it says on the label "may contain up to 0.5% alcohol due to natural fermentation. Would you happen to know if this is ok?

I know many muslims that drink kombucha... and I understand some incidental alcohol fermentation is ok as with fruit juice (or soy sauce, vinegar, pickles, any lacto-fermented food) so long as it doesn't affect the taste/smell/effect and the resulting drink is not sought after for purposes of intoxication etc. I haven't been able to find out any credible info on kombucha - maybe you know of some?

thanks in advance and alaikum salam!


cassie said...

you are kinda weird


Dani said...


I'm reading your post some 2 years after you writting it, so I don't know if you will have the chance to read what I'm writting.
The thing is that I live in Egypt too, and today I was looking on the net information about kefir and I read that it's difficult to buy and that someone has to give you some to make it grow. But I see that you bought some (in Egypt, I assume), and also you talk about Kombucha... So 2 questions:
- What's the name of the kefir in Egypt and in which kind of shops do you buy it?
- What is Kombucha?

Thanks a lot!!


gfcfgirl said...

wow, subhonAllah i came to ask the same thing. I have never heard of this in middle eastern cuisine. I thought labneh was kefir.

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dhan said...

whether the difference between kefir and yogurt?
Which is better between them?
whether kefir has the same flavor of yogurt?

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Klaus said...

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Jual Masker Kefir said...

Nice share, back to nuture back to kefir :D

Dina said...

where can I buy kombucha scoby and kafir stater in Egypt? how much should I pay for it?