Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I live in an area of the country that necessitates thinking about Ramadan early. So, I don't know if you are thinking about it but I am. I am thinking of things like the little petit fours pan in the picture... And the fact that I need like a case of foul and another one of dates, and that needs a trip out of town. Not to mention the customary trip to a warehouse store that almost every Muslim American family I know makes pre-Ramadan...

I am also looking into going somewhere for Eid. I don't want to sit here another year, I hate it. I know I should be focusing on the worship aspect of Eid... But I think there is no harm in having fun too... And Eid here leaves me depressed. I would love to go somewhere where there is a larger community that would have some sort of festival and of course a big eid prayer. I like big.

Of course Ramadan means a new Ramadan craft, insha'Allah. And I already have some ideas;)


Sketched Soul said...

As-salaamu'alaykum as-salaam wa Rahmatu Llahi wa Barakatuhu my dearest sister,

You know, petit fours is something I've never tried making, but read about. I'd love to hear how it goes. Are you going to do the works..fondant, decorating, etc.?? Have you you made them before??

I second you on already thinking about Eid (and Ramadaan). Because otherwise, they'll be no plans! I'm thinking this year we rent a whole hall, and just invite everyone (ie: the community)..but make it potluck..I dunno, just a plan.

Insha'Allah I hope you get to do something fun on Eid. Keep me posted.

Are you making a 'Ramadaan Box' this year?? I have an idea of one..I'll posted it once done, insha'Allah.

Wa'alaykum as-salaam
Love Farhana

UmmLayla said...

I LOVED the box you did before, so I can't wait to see the new one!!!! I'm doing some kind of box this year, I have a few thoughts on it... One involves building it from jewlery boxes, we'll see what comes out of it;)

Renting a hall sounds like fun. I have always rented a center when doing a big party: less pressure on me to get things ready at home, more space, people don't feel shy to come even if they don't know you well. I have been thinking about cooking for the single people here at the university once a week during Ramadan, and I will just use the little community center we have here in student housing if I do, insha'Allah.

I have made the petit fours before, but by making a cake in a jelly roll pan and then cutting it into little squares. I do the whole jelly in the center, fondant on some, dipped glaze on others... And they all got little piped on flowers and squiggles. To be honest they took too long last year and that's why the pan looks good to me. You just pop them out and dip them in icing!

Surviving said...

What a great looking pan. I want one!!!

I hope you are able to find something fun to do for Eid. We don't do much either. It would be nice to have something special to do though.

Aeryn said...

Asalaam Alaikum Sister

Insha'Allah, this will be my second Ramadan. I took Shahada right before Ramadan last year. And I didn't really have time to get all that much togehter. Insha'Allah I am hoping to do more this year, but I am not exactly sure what to do. So I am looking forward to hearing about your projects.

May Allah bless you and your family,