Monday, November 19, 2007

Having second thoughts...

So, we have been in 800 square feet since March... And I am starting to have second thoughts about the arrangement. I still have not gotten the other house on the market (too much work to be done) and we are paying lot rent on it still. But, we won't move back there because we feel the area it is on is too polluted with diesel exhaust and DH is much better away from it. Not to mention that all trailers tend to have mice, and since we have been gone they have started to come into the house, YUCK!

We are too crowded here really. And since the time we moved here we have seen more visits from my husband's sisters than ever before. Weird. But I am feeling the strain. And I desperately need to have another room for the kids so I can have a boy's room and a girl's room. There are so many options, but finding the right set up considering DH's schedule is hard (to say the least). His sleeping area must be in a quiet corner and out of the general traffic pattern of the house. Which is not happening here in this space... But the funny thing is we are both stuck on not moving unless it is an improvement to our conditions... So here we sit.

I hate to move again, but I need another bedroom. And when my SIL comes this week I will be reminded of this once again (like her visits aren't annoying enough). I must say that even when we were in the larger space she managed to sleep on the couch in the middle of everything all day... So it's a problem no matter what I guess. Anywhooo, I hope we can move to a place with some storage and another bedroom very soon!


Aeryn said...

Asalaam alaikum Sister,

We are in a small place as well, between my hubby and I, my parents and my daughter it is a tight fit in our house. I suspect we are dealing with about the same size, maybe another 100 sq feet or so. And it can be hard. Insha'Allah you will find something that makes this space work for you or a different space that works for you. It is hard when you are dealing with health conditions because they do put so much strain both on you and on your living requirements.

May Allah give us ease, and blessings to you and your family,


Mona said...

I feel you, My husband, 4 kids, a cat and I live in cramped quarters too. It's 80 sq meters including the balcony. I don't know what that is in feet. I've gone metric! I hope you move to a bigger place soon InshaAllah!BTW the new layout is pretty.