Tuesday, November 20, 2007

UmmLayla in the news!!!

So look at the front page of the local paper... Above the fold I might point out.

It's a little article about a project we have going, I would've scanned it but my all-in-one is acting up (what's new?).


susan said...

wow! you're famous! what's it for??

UmmLayla said...

I'm trying to get the city to approve a daycare.

Mona Um Ibrahim said...

Salam Ummlayla, alhamdulillah it's finally letting me write a comment! MashaAllah, a day care! that's a good idea for that property. InshaAllah it will get approved. That' so cool to be in the paper. I couldn't believe my eyes :)

Mona Um Ibrahim said...

oh, and what about a montessori daycare, that would be even better :)

Mona said...

That's awesome, I hope the article helps the approval!

UmmLayla said...

Insha'Allah, it will be a Waldorf style preschool program. I want to have a garden for the kids and animals... Also, if everything goes well we want to get a piece of land where we could have a little farm that the children would visit regularly.

There was some debate yesterday... And actually it got postponed until Dec 4 because of a big argument between the members of the city council about hearing from the nieghbor who is opposed one more time. Kinda aggravating that we are sitting here and waiting because the guy who is opposed is out of town... Especialy since he has had a chance to speak already 4 times and he did speak twice. Good grief.

Anonymous said...

Is the city council meeting held in a church?
~Brooke AKA Ummbadier

Anonymous said...

MashAllah...you go girl! Read this story about schools in our area...it's rather sad!


Thank you once again for your contribution to the Ramadan Crafts Book!

Umm Nassim

UmmLayla said...

Brooke, the building we are making into a school is a church. The picture was taken there.

Anonymous said...

Masha Allah sis. We lean heavily on Waldorf-style in our home- educating- style. Inshallah this works out for ya'll, it seems like an ideal solution for your family!
Love and Peace,

Sketched Soul said...

As-salaamu'alaykum wa Rahmatu Llahi wa Barakatuhu my dearest sister,

I pray it all goes well, and they approve it.

It's such a wonderful idea, I wish you the best.

Wa'alaykum as-salaam
Love Farhana

UmmZaynab said...

This is a test (test #9999!)

UmmZaynab said...

as-salaamu `alaykum wa raHmatu l-laah

OMG it worked!!! I have been trying to comment here for MONTHS and it NEVER let me! SO many times I've wanted to comment and I've never been able to make it work, not as "anonymous", not under my Google password, nothing!

Hope you're doing well and congrats on the publicity! Just a warning, the blanking out didn't totally work (I can see your town name) and if your newspaper has online archives anyone can go and look you up in full.

UmmLayla said...

Thanks Ummzaynub for the heads up. There is no archive for this story (they only do selected ones) but I think I will still try to fix the picture.

What's up with the commenting thing? Insha'Allah it's fixed now. Nice to hear from you:)