Friday, January 04, 2008

Computer trouble...

Well, that's not really what my computer trouble is of course... But something like that could and would happen to me! Once my computer was out of commission for 2 weeks because some little gremlins (aka my children) popped off all the keys while I was on the phone. Creative, huh?

Well... Right now I am having some trouble getting the lap top to hook up to the plug cord to charge the battery or just use outlet power... So I am looking to get it repaired or maybe just replaced so I can give this one to the kids.

Anyway, if I am neglectful... It's not my fault! The computer may just have finally died, or gone to the shop for a long rest! I think I am getting to that point very soon... We'll see how much longer it will hold on like this!

*****Edited on 1/7/08******
Well, thanks to DH I went to Denver and got a new laptop! Yeah DH! We were able to get some of the upgrades I have been looking for like a DVD burner and what-not... So it all turned out well in the end, alhamdulilah. My dad is fixing the old one to give to the kiddos, insha'Allah.


Mona said...

I know how it is. We can't get a new computer yet, so we still share this one with the kids. It's just not right I tell you.

Surviving said...