Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What's up in Ummlayla's world

Well, I have been flirting with the idea of getting serious about losing some weight for a long time now... I hit 150 (and I am only 5 feet tall) which is more than I weighed when I was pregnant with my kiddos and I decided the time is now. So, I am doing the whole South Beach Diet thing, and I hate fad diets but I need a jump start really.

I am hoping to drop about 35lbs... Which will take time of course. I am also going to start going to a pilates class and maybe yoga a few days each week. I hate that I have let it go this far. But I love food, and DH does too... So our recreation is cooking and eating or even just eating out. I have never been this heavy and I am miserable with it. So wish me luck ladies! I'm gonna need it!LOL

Oh, any weight loss tips/thoughts/otherwise?


Surviving said...

Good Luck!!! I've been thinking about doing something as well.

Mona said...

I'm the last person to give advice on this subject, but I wish you success, inshaAllah. Good on ya!

Molly said...

Good luck!!!!

My advice is to eat 5 or 6 small meals. And make them as much as possible fruits and veggies.

UmmLayla said...

Surviving, wieght loss blog??? Hmmmm? I could set it up, insha'Allah.

Mona, thanks girl!

Molly, good thoughts. The program I am doing does both. You should have protien and veggies at every meal. Like 4oz protien and 2 cups veggies. Then you have like 2-3 snacks during the day like cheese, yogurt, meat... I think the excercise will make the most difference for me, insha'Allah.

Anonymous said...

I just started Nutrisystem. I know that you, like me, MUST know good 1st child called falafels "cookies" and says he prefers braggs over soy sauce! My kids love sesame tamari rice cakes with tofu spread, lol! I am so crunchy!!! None of my kids have cavities so far and they don't have dental sealants, alhumdiallah...But anyhoo, I have serious portion control problems. Opening these wee little packages of NS food is very um-like-um...AWAKENING!
Also, I just can't eat with my hubby/family and try to diet. We are mondo gourmets-always great food in my house, alhumdiallah. I need to just "step away" from all of it!
Anyhoo. I started exercising very regularly a few weeks before I started the diet, because I tend to take on everything all at once, get overwhelmed and quit. So, one by one. I hope to do NS for just a couple of months and then either have a grip on portion-control OR get a kitchen-food scale :)
Oh yeah..and I watch you tube Islam lectures while I work out-nafs jihad!
Love and Peace,
~Brooke AKA Ummbadier

UmmLayla said...

Brooke, I thought about NS for the very same reasons!LOL And I know that portion control is a big thing for me too. Whole wheat bread isn't bad... You just can't eat half the loaf and expect to keep your figure!LOL

Ugh, the dental thing... Don't get me started. DH is a candy monster and he treats the kids to it regularly. I have a theory about genetics and bacteria... My older DS has many cavities and when the dentist saw it he smuggly remarked about being sure that DD had them too. Well :p my DD has none, masha'Allah. The little guy had some sealer, but DD #2 shows no signs of needing anything. Needless to say Dr. Smug is no longer a my dentist. I have a nice young guy w/kids of his own still who actually beleives there are many factors in tooth decay.

rahma said...

Check out There's a Muslim sisters support group that's pretty cool.

When I actually followed their eating and excercise recommendations, I lost 15 pounds. Unfortunately, I suck at sticking with anything, so I gained it all back *cries*

If you end up signing up (it's free), look me up. I'm janaaan (or janaan, can't remember) over there.

Anonymous said...

I know what works for me and that is not eating after 7pm, drinking lots of water and trying to get some type of exercise in my day.

I've been taking this stuff called Ficathin which has been working great for me. It's been 9 days and I've dropped 6 pounds.

IshaAllah you succeed in loosing the weight you want to loose!