Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Super Freak

Well, the courts date with my old tenants is tomorrow morning. Please make dua for us. I think it’s pretty simple and really obvious that they took our stuff… But you never know.

The thing that I fail to understand is how someone who took the mower and all the watering equipment would be bold enough to take me to small claims court for the full security deposit???? Not only that she added $500 for pain and suffering and $100 because she moved out before her thirty days notice was up. What a freak. Super freak. People like that kill me. I don’t even have the confidence to tell a landlord "ufff" if they charge me $100 for cleaning or some junk.

I offered her the security deposit minus $100 to replace the mower and have the carpets cleaned (since a dog she told me she didn’t have peed all over the place). I thought I was being more than fair! Apparently she wants the mower, the sprinklers the hose and a free carpet cleaning… Not to mention her $100 bonus for moving out early, which is clearly just pulled out of her you know what because there is no such stipulation in the contract.

So, now I am relying on the small claims court to see that this person is a whacko. Which should be pretty obvious considering that she is asking for $500 pain and suffering because I didn’t do things to her liking. But, this is American justice we are talking about here folks... So you never know. Besides... I am thinking that the judge might be too distracted by the scarf and my big husband's big beard... You never know I may be bloggin from a cell tomorrow afternoon. So if you read about a mother of three and her Egyptian husband being held for questioning in Laramie, you'll know what's up.


cncz said...

incha Allah things will be okay. My brother went to small claims court because of a psycho ex girlfriend and the judge was pretty cool. he saw how things were. salam

UmmLayla said...

You were so right! The judge was great. He actually laughed and made jokes with us.