Friday, June 17, 2005

What's Going On....

I haven’t posted in the past few days so here goes…

My children are hyper and wild since it is summer time and they are feeling like sitting at the store with me is a jail sentence of sorts… And I agree. But, alhamdulilah, my husband has agreed to pay an employee for the store from his business account so I can have some time off without feeling like I am wasting money from my business! YEAH! But, if you must know this benefits him too since I can stay home on days he is sick/extremely busy with his paperwork and needs my help.

In other news I have successfully killed two vacuum cleaners in the past month… How? Wouldn’t I love to know.

My daughter is doing well with her reading lessons, masha’Allah. If things continue along these lines she will be reading by summers end, insha’Allah.

And finally, I made some very good fattah for dinner last night… And anyone who knows Egyptian men knows that that tilted the scale in my favor big time. I didn’t even hear about the house being a mess for the entire evening.LOL;)

1 comment:

cncz said...

i get so many brownie points when i make bread
it's almost silly really
just some algerian bread and my husband is stops talking about the cleaning too