Thursday, June 30, 2005

Trailer Trash?

I have a confession to make.... And my husband is livid about it, but here goes... I am embarrassed to admit that we live in a trailer. I hadn’t really thought of just how embarrassed until a friend from high school emailed me and told me they would be in the area and wanted to meet for dinner. I have to say I feel I can’t have them over because I live in a trailer.

For those of you who are American, am I alone here? I swear I have tried to say I don’t feel this way, I have tried to look at it like a stage in our life and I have nothing to be embarrassed about… But I am. Allah forgive me, I am. I know this is really materialistic and such, but to be honest I would feel better if we were renting an apartment. Just goes to show that the whole streotype about trailers is engrained in my head. To be honest we have a nice house, masha'Allah. Wood floors, 2000 square feet, fenced yard.... I don't know what my damage is.

Ugh, I feel ill.


Anonymous said...

Salaam 'Alaikum

Is it one of those trailers that's like a double wide and they call it a pre-fab home, or is it one of the one that still has a truck hitch on one end? I was surprised one day when I was looking at online pics of pre-fab homes how nice they look. But Umm 'Amr told me that they are fragile in tornadoes and stuff. Ya live where ya live... but I know what you mean about having that image in your mind. -- UmmZaid

Ummhana said...

Oh wow 2000 square feet! *scanning my 1200 square feet home* *sigh* Ok as for trailers, my husband and I contemplated them and we are still contemplating getting a nice one if we decide to buy some land. I too fell into the "I would never live in a trailer" syndrome. I can only blame it on the fact I was raised in "Urban"landia while all my other relatives were raised in the country. I don't know why I equated pre-fab homes as a backward thing. I later (a few years ago) realized what I couldn't come to terms with my relatives country lifestyle. The pre-fab homes were just a symbol I guess. Now I have fallen in love with the country and I have even enjoyed some of the layouts of pre-fab homes we have seen. Also I would kill for hardwood floors...again deep sigh. So what are you preparing for dinner when your friends come over? I wouldn't let your abode keep you from visiting with old friends.

Surviving said...

I'm sorry your feeling this way. Just try to relax and have a good time with your friends. If they are real friends they won't care where you live!

UmmLayla said...

Thanks sisters,
All the things you have said are true, so true. I am happy where I live. It is a choice we have made since we won't get an interest-bearing loan....And I spent hours putting in tile and laminate wood floors so it would be something that was right for us and we could feel comfortable in. I think the whole not wanting to have my friend over is a knee-jerk reaction and I feel better about it today.

And yes UmmZaid it is a pre-fab home.... And if it was on a piece of land you might not think of it as a trailer because you can set it on a foundation. But we are in a trailer park... So you see right away that's what it is.

So, I am thinking I will make either veggie lasagna and minestrone with fresh bread.... Or lentil soup and pita bread with stuffed veggies as the main course (this friend is Jewish and keeps kosher, so the easiest way is just keep it vegetarian). And if the food is good who cares about the trailer thing anyway!!!

Shukran sisters for listening to my rants.

UmmLayla *Breathing a sigh of relief*

cncz said...

you know, i would rather live in a new double wide than an old and funky house with bugs and stuff. think about it. then again, i am from mississippi and perfectly normal people, including family, live in trailers.

salam alaikoum

UmmLayla said...

So, at DH's insistence I meet my friend at a restaurant.... But not because I didn't want to have them over, because my DH wanted to stay home a sleep!LOL It was nice to see someone I haven't seen in a decade or so... I'm sure I was a little overwhelming with my three kids and all though!LOL

UmmLayla said...

Oh yeah BTW CNCZ... I agree 110% we lived in a funky house with bugs galore in the kitchen when we first got married. I threw everything from that kitchen for fear of carrying them with me to our new house!LOL

Yusuf Smith said...

As-Salaamu 'alaikum,

Not many people live in trailers in England, and given the acute housing shortage, I'm surprised it's not really on the agenda. The only ones I know of which aren't holiday parks are next to a well-known beauty spot in Surrey called Box Hill. I wouldn't mind living in one, as long as the park was not full of hoodies.

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for bringing up such a sensitive issue. You should be proud that you are not depending on others. In order to cut down expenses, for sometime, my husband convincing me to moving to a trailer. My biggest concern is shared toilet and shower. To tell you the truth I am too shy to inquire around. Just give me rough idea is it cheaper than to rent an apartment for 450 dollars (including utilities). Mona

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