Monday, July 04, 2005

hole in the wall, I mean floor

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There is a hole in my bathroom floor right now about 2 feet by 3 feet I imagine. How? When? These are reasonable questions... While I was in Denver my husband decided to investigate the broken tiles by the tub since we thought the cause was probably a sagging sub floor. So, he tore up the tiles and the backer board (support for ceramic tile) and low and behold... A rotting sub floor covering in black, probably toxic, mold.

So, he cut out the offending sub floor and now there is the hole with no reliable date of repair in sight. But I am at one with this... Why you ask? Because home improvement projects are ALWAYS a nightmare around our house. So, the hole pales in comparison the prospect of actually trying to fix it. At least it isn't winter with cold air coming in through said hole.


Um Ibrahim said...

there's always something to do, that i keep putting off. and clutter piles. until... company is coming over.. and then i clean like a crazy person, while screaming at the kids - help me, why are you making more mess instead of helping me??!! We wasted a beautiful weekend indoors cleaning instead of doing a day-trip in the long weekend. well, its not wasted - we did accomplish a lot, alhamdulillah.

UmmLayla said...

Oh I know the feeling sister! And I am always on edge on the days when i have to get things done and I always promise myself that I will keep things in order from now on and I never actually do it. But, my DH and I had a big talk about it and we are changing some things around our house, insha'Allah.

He has finally submitted to de-cluttering (he is a pack rat by nature) and I have promised that we will go and re-think the furniture in our house and really invest in things that have some storage and are durable and useful. With five people in our house anything that is not useful is just taking up space and should be thrown IMHO. 99% of my frustration is that things don't even have a place to go in our house!

And on the other side of the equation I have decided to sell our store since it is just sucking the life out of me right now!