Wednesday, July 13, 2005


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So, I did henna yesterday, and this is a picture this morning. The cool thing is I only left the paste on for about an hour (I usually wrap it and leave it on for the entire night). And this is not the maximum darkening; it will continue to get darker for the rest of the day. Anyway, cool new recipe, especially since I like to do the kids and they never leave it on for more than an hour. Nothing artificial, just the right essential oils.


camilla said...

i am interested in henna paiting too...that looks really nice. :-)

TwennyTwo said...

Salaams... recipe please! I'd like to introduce Henna to PR. I haven't done it since I left DC.... wow, been a minute.


UmmLayla said...

Alaikum Asalamu,
The recipe is easy. I found it on a website by Catherine Cartwright Jones.

Check it out. Be sure to post your results if you try it!

BTW, the stain did get even darker yesterday even in areas on my DD where i thought it had not taken.

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