Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The store... Again

I have taken a few days off from the store and things are going crazy. I feel like it haunts me, I can never just get away from it. I just don’t know what to do with the place. A board member from the school I sell uniforms from called to complain that there are parents who won’t buy from my store again this year because it is too “chaotic” and they want to be able to browse the uniforms (I keep them in a store room and employees bring out what you need, like a shoe store). The alternative is to buy online… And I don’t see how that will help you browse and “enjoy the event” of shopping for school clothes, but hey. The thing is I really don’t care about the uniform sales that much. I don’t make a ton of money, and what I do make I will end up spending on staff, so a part of me is like just forget it… Give back the uniforms to the previous owner and get them out of my store.

But, I have committed to selling them; so I feel like I have to sell the maximum number possible. Last year these parents who want a nicer shopping experience bounced about $900 of the checks they wrote for uniforms. So, what is the benefit to me in serving them better? Will I make more money? Will all the checks be honored? I really doubt it. My store is small, and I sell more than uniforms… So I don’t know what I could do to make it go their way. I think what they really want is a Dillard’s type experience with no waiting and tons of staff to help them. I can’t provide that. So, I am planning to not have my kids or the employee’s kids there during the uniform time, have more staff on hand and insha’Allah move some uniforms to a browsing location. Then… Bismillah and open for uniform season. If people want to shop elsewhere… Go ahead and do it. What can I say?

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Denise said...

Don't take checks. Checks are simply a way for people to spend money they don't have. Take cash or credit cards (since you know immediately if they are approved). Don't worry about the complaints of "chaos". They complain about Dillards, too. *smiles*.