Monday, December 03, 2007

My kingdom for a bag?

OK, if all women are either shoe whores or bag hags.... Usually I am a shoe whore. Shoes were really the thing I spent money on, and even still nothing covers my stubborn foot that costs less than $100. Only now I can afford only 1-2 pairs a year!LOL

I find myself coveting these tokidoki bags big time... But can a mom of three really spend $200 on a bag? Well, maybe in my next life!LOL

Edit... Mom to three? Wow, I really am sleep deprived!LOL Four. Mom of Four.


rahma said...

OMgosh, I totally agree. I work next to a macy's, and after walking through their purse section on a weekly basis for almost 2 years, I've developed a bag fetish. Luckily, I'm satiated with lesportsac, which aren't too bad when I can find them for 60% off.

Mona said...

Cute bag, but my mind automatically converts that into 1,100 egyptian pounds and that is a LOT.:)

UmmLayla said...

rahma, 60%? Girl, you'd be crazy not to indulge yourself at that discount!LOL

Mona, Yeah, conversion is the curse of living between the two cultures. We are all about converting in our house!LOL Hmmmm, that's how many pounds? No thanks!LOL Of course I'm sure I look like a big spender in Egypt for the opposite reason.... How much is that lovely split AC unit sir? 3000 pounds? (quick math... $550, vs boiling to death in my mil's apartment)I'll take it!!!

asmaa said...

assalamu alaykum dear ummlayla, i loved your blog and i wanted to know if you can write the model of this bag ? it is so cute !!! my daughter is 16 and she NEEDS this bag. lol. i went to the site of tokidoki but couldnt find the same model. where do you have it from ? barak Allah feeky

UmmLayla said...

Asmaa, look on the nordstrom website. They have tons of Tokidoki bags. Also look on E-bay since many stores like nordstroms and Macys are sold out. Anywhoo, it's a TOKIDOKI handbag by lesportsac.

asmaa said...

thank you a lot ummlayla, for answering me so fast ! we have found indeed a lot about tokidoki in the web... but the prices... !!!!!!!! i have 5 wonderful children, so also for me it is very very expensive... :-( thanks a lot anyway, and congratulations for your nice blog.