Monday, December 31, 2007

Name that Daycare!

OK, so we are all over the place with a name for the daycare... I think it should be a little cheeky... Or just a nod to the fact that it's a Waldorf style school. I'm extreme that way. No babyland, kiddie kastle, or anything cheesy like that for me.

So I was thinking of the name: Shmoosville, or Shmoo Valley as in shmoo from the lil'Abner cartoon. Check it out... Here's a shmoo site.

What do you think?


UmmBadier said...

Are you hoping to get customers?...are there ANY other cool people within a 100 miles of you???

UmmLayla said...

LOL Ummbadier... Point well taken;)

Considering the # of acrylic nail salons and tanning parlors maybe I should be thinking on a different level!LOL Hmmm we are the cowboy state what about Little Buckaroo Roundup? Well, to me it would be cheeky! nyuk nyuk nyuk