Monday, May 16, 2005

Layla's Hair

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So, my daughter Layla LOVES to color her hair... Well, ok since she's 5 she loves for me to color her hair. Here is our latest experiment, "cherry red". Of course they are all wash out colors!!!



Are they safe for her hair?Just curious because i like the idea of colouring hair but have been too scaed I'd lose my two strands of hair that are still attached to my poor scalp..! also have been going thru your blog and found it great!

UmmLayla said...

Yeah, For me and Layla they have been pretty safe. I color my hair more than I should... And the only thing that I have found to be damaging is the bleaching it.

Anything not ammonia based is good, they seem to act more like a conditioner. They are usualy semi-permanent... Meaning they last for about a month.

If you have never colored your hair I would go with henna. Henna looks great and really makes the hair healthy, masha'Allah. The only thing is you can't use it if you have permed or colored hair already... It leaves a nappy green color and the hair feels a little plastic if you have chemicly treated hair.

Faryn Nayru said...

Masha'Allah she is so cute. I love the idea of coloring hair, but I would hate to hurt the natural color of my daughters hair.

Salaam Alaikum, Amena.

UmmLayla said...

Oh I agree! I never do anything that doesn't wash out. It goes back to her natural color in a 7 washes or so.

Faryn Nayru said...

Neat, what is the name of this product?


UmmLayla said...

I can't remember the name... And I went to look for the box and I threw it out after I used up the product.

I know it is by Loreal and it is a color moouse (however you spell that!). I get it at wal-mart.

Faryn Nayru said...