Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Midwifery course, summer and migraines

Soooo, I have jumped through all of the proverbial hoops to get to the core curriculum for my midwifery course… I am excited and yet apprehensive. I know I want to do it, and the course so far seems to fit my learning style. I guess what I am unsure of is my husband’s support once I get to the real work. He was never that helpful while I was in nursing school… And he still thinks me quitting is “failure”. He doesn’t understand why I wanted to change directions in my study.

Insha’Allah, he will be able to help with the kids and house as much as I need him to. My fear is that he will want to just pay someone else to do it. Which means I will be less likely to take study days and such since I hate leaving the kids with anyone but my husband. But if we can get the house to a manageable state I will look into having a cleaning lady one day a week.

On the up side it looks like we will be going to the 2005 La Leche League International Conference. Which is something I really want to do. Also, my husband and I have decided to wait until October to go to Egypt. Which means I can prepare for al the upcoming things at a more normal pace. Of course knowing me I will wait until the last minute on everything anyway!

Summer is coming, and we are into looking for things to do already. Swim lessons, pottery making, and children’s Museum art classes are on the agenda. Thinking of adding yoga to the day for me… But yoga and hijab don’t really work together unless I can find a women only class, not to mention that i want an instructor who is viewing it as exercise not a path to enlightenment. We will have to see what I can dig up.

I have been having so many migraines lately that I have decided something has to change. Of course I REFUSE to take a med daily as a preventative (let's see, avoid a headache or save my liver and my kidneys????). Yoga has helped in the past. Also chiropractic care has helped. I am thinking to do both. I am also trying (emphasis on trying) to modify my diet. It’s hard…. But I am working on it. The big one for me is diet soda. I can drink like 6 a day, but I am limiting myself to one right now. I hope I can post that I found the magic cure… But I am not counting on it!

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